Hairdressers bans face masks and claims coronavirus 'doesn't exist'

A beauty salon has controversially BANNED face masks and face coverings – and even banned any ‘Covid talk’.

Beauty therapists and hairdressers at the salon in Merseyside want no chat related to coronavirus in their premises, they have said.

They controversially deny coronavirus even exists.

The owner of Skin Kerr Aesthetics Hair and Beauty in Bootle, Liverpool, has faced an angry backlash after putting a sign in the window.

The sign says: “The virus doesn’t exist”, accompanied by the words “Covid free salon”.

The sign shows that “no masks” are allowed, and says “we take cash”.

“Covid talk is banned,” it adds, continuing: “Please respect the rules of the salon. You can’t catch what doesn’t exist.”

The manager says she has received threats since taking the stance, which includes not allowing discussion of the subject inside the shop.

She won’t allow people through the door wearing masks, report the  LiverpoolEcho.

When contacted a woman who stated she was the manager said she “did not wish to discuss” the poster.

But she then claimed threats of violence had been made against her.

The bullet points end with ‘#voodoovirusisbullsh**’ and ‘#wedonotconsent’ and states “please respect the rules of the salon.”

Under rules designed to limit the spread of the disease, hairdressers and salon staff are required to wear surgical face masks as well as clear visors.

Hairdressers and barbershops re-opened in July after being ordered to close in late March.

One person took to Twitter to warn people to “avoid” the salon after seeing the sign, they wrote: “Getting your hair or nails done in Liverpool? Here’s one to AVOID. Nice one guys! Doing a great job at flushing your biz down the toilet!”