Hairdressers, gyms and beauty salons 'to reopen on December 2'

The Prime Minister will encourage the industries that help us prepare for the holidays – by allowing them to reopen after the lockdown.

Hairdressers, beauty salons and gyms will reopen on December 2 – giving us confidence before the end of 2020.

Boris Johnson is expected to announce a very strict Covid Winter Plan starting December 2 – with tighter Tier restrictions.

However, it is clear that ministers are pushing for the reopening of the good looking businesses as the festive season is a busy time for them.

A source told the Daily mail : “Companies like gyms and beauty salons are eager to open and have made themselves Covid-safe.

“People want to get their nails done for Christmas – it’s a huge season for these companies.”

Hairdressers, gyms and beauty salons were badly affected by the pandemic and the first lockdown.

While shops, pubs and restaurants opened from mid-June to early July, gyms had to wait until July 25 to reopen.

Lockout restrictions were even worse for hair and beauty salons forced to remain closed for six months.

They finally got the green light to reopen after August 15.

These sectors were forced to close their doors again on November 5 when England was plunged into a four-week lockout.

Full details of the new measures will be revealed starting Monday (Nov. 23), and according to the Daily Mail, the public will be informed that while hair and beauty salons are open, this will not be a normal holiday season.

Earlier this week, Dr. Susan Hopkins, a Public Health England director who advised the government’s coronavirus response, said Johnson should think about ‘reinforcing’ to get through the winter months.

Clearly, this advice has led to the new, tougher three-tier system.

A source added, “It’s getting tough – get ready for levels on steroids.”

Additional travel and overnight bans may be introduced as part of the new plan.

The government is expected to try to stagger drinkers’ departure times by extending the pub’s closure until 11pm – although last orders will be at 10pm instead of the strict curfew imposed before the closure.

There was heavy criticism for the Prime Minister of the curfew rule – because it meant that crowds of people left the bars and took to the streets at the same time.

Pubs that don’t serve food can remain closed in the Covid hotspots.

And Brits living in the level 2 and 3 areas may be forbidden to mingle in with other households.

Obviously, there will be a short five-day reprieve over Christmas to allow families to celebrate together. ‘Multiple families’ could join a social bubble and mingle between December 22 and 28.

Then in the new year, stricter restrictions will come back – in the hope that there will be a normal Easter.