Hairdressers shut down and handed court date after £27,000 fines

A salon owner who refused to follow the rules of the coronavirus during England’s national lockdown has been forced to close by police and brought to court.

Sinead Quinn – the owner of Quinn Blakey Hairdressing in Oakenshaw – has been fined several times by the Kirklees Council in recent weeks after being caught disclosing and trading multiple times.

Hairdressing salons are on the list of locations that must close under the national Covid-19 lockdown restrictions that took effect on November 5.

She recently made headlines after citing the Magna Carta, a royal charter of rights from the year 1215, as justification for staying open.

According to Yorkshire LiveThe Kirklees Council has now issued a closing notice and a court order to forcibly close the property, which has been repeatedly opened during the second national lockdown.

The council said it had worked closely with West Yorkshire police to monitor the situation, which reopened yesterday (Friday) despite a £ 27,000 fine.

The municipality issued a notice of closing of the property today (Saturday), which means that access is prohibited for anyone except the person living in the building or its owner or occupant.

Failure to observe this can result in a fine and / or up to three months in prison.

In addition, the Kirklees Council has also filed for closure under the Anti-Social Behavior, Crime and Policing Act 2014, which will now be heard before a Magistrates’ Court Monday.

If approved by the court, the closure order means it is a serious offense for anyone to enter the property and could result in arrest and a maximum prison sentence of 51 weeks and / or a fine.

Councilor Paul Davies, Cabinet Member for Culture and Groener Kirklees, said: “I fully understand the frustrations of local entrepreneurs and fortunately the vast majority of them have complied with the national lockdown and closed to help us overcome the virus.

“This pandemic has been devastating for a variety of reasons, including the impact it has had on people’s livelihoods.

“The lockdown rules put in place by the government are there so that we can lower our infection rates, ease the pressure on our health services and ultimately save human lives.

“The actions taken by this business owner, and those who used her during this time, were illegal, selfish and reckless. The business owner has deliberately endangered herself, her customers, the wider community and our staff.

“We don’t want to impose fines or take such actions against our companies, especially after such a difficult year. However, we have given this company every opportunity to do the right thing and public health must come first. We have no choice.

“Thanks to the vast majority of people in Kirklees who follow the rules and guidelines. If we all keep playing our part, we’ll get to where we need to be. “