Hamster saved after girl, 8, took it for a walk and it fled inside Soviet tank
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Hamster saved after girl, 8, took it for a walk and it fled inside Soviet tank

An eight-year-old girl was left distraught after her pet hamster escaped and disappeared inside a Soviet-era Army T-50 tank.

The unidentified girl, 8, was out for a walk with her friend and pet hamster in Magadan, Russia.

She walked with the rodent on a leash around the Square of Military Glory, but the animal wiggled free and escaped.

Eagle-eyed witnesses spotted the small animal scuttling into a Red Army T-50 Tank, built in the Second World War.

The little girl climbed on top of the military vehicle and attempt to grab the critter, but it escaped through a hatch.

Emergency services were called, and the girl was reportedly crying and “very upset” as they arrived at the memorial site.

A Russian search and rescue source said: “The girl who owned the hamster was very upset, she wept bitterly.

“It was impossible to leave her like this.”

Fortunately, the rescue team managed to break into the hatch, which was welded shut, and retrieve the animal.

The escapee hamster was reportedly found “cowering” in the corner of the Soviet-era tank.

A spokesman said: “The pet was saved from death, and the child from psychological trauma.”

In recent years, products have been developed for hamster owners to walk their pets on leads.

Other products include harnesses, which wrap around the animal, to give it full, and secure protection.


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