Handwritten note girl, 7, gave mum said swimming coach ‘held her between the legs’ – World News

A seven-year-old girl wrote a note to her mum saying her swimming coach ‘held her between the legs and moved his fingers’ during a lesson, a court heard.

The girl said she felt uncomfortable during the lesson with 22-year-old Kyle James Henk Daniels and pleaded to be moved to another swimming class.

Her concerned mum contacted internal management at Mosman Swim Centre in Sydney, Australia, and a subsequent police investigation was launched.

He was was arrested the following month in March 2019 and after the case was publicised, six more girls came forward and raised similar incidents, Mail Online reports.

Daniels, 22, has pleaded not guilty before a jury to 26 charges, including nine counts of having sexual intercourse with a child under 10.

Daniels denies 26 charges, including nine counts of having sexual intercourse with a child under 10

In the opening address to the District Court on Monday, prosecutors said Daniels touched several of his students on or near their genitals while he was their coach between February 2018 and February 2019.

The court heard he was an ‘overly energetic’ swimming teacher and a concerned parent first raised concerns about him in July 2018.

The parent told staff that their daughter had complained about him touching her below her chest and upper legs during a lesson.

Management observed Daniels’ next class and noted his ‘hands on’ approach which they felt was too close contact.

Daniels has been described as an ‘overly energetic’ swimming teacher

Daniels arrives at court with his parents
(Image: AAP/PA Images)

They also said he appeared ‘overly energetic’ and ‘too friendly with children in his class’.

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All teachers were sent a memo from management warning them not to hold children close to the groin and chest area, and they must always have their hands above water and appropriately positioned on the body.

However police were called in when the girl sent the note to her mum.

Prosecutors showed the jury a sentence scrawled on a pink piece of paper which reads: “The reason I didn’t like my swimming lesson was because my teacher touched my (vagina)”.

Some of the six girls who came forward could not name Daniels but they described their instructor as having blond hair and glasses.

Daniels was the only coach who was allowed to wear glasses during lessons.

The court was told one girl said she was ‘thrilled to be moving up a class so she couldn’t be touched on her private parts anymore’.

The trial continues before Judge Kara Shead.