Haunting and glare on TV screen among reasons people are selling homes

Real estate owners put their homes on the market because they are bored in the area, neighbors should not be allowed – or even fear their house is haunted.

A survey of 2,000 adults looking to sell one found one in twenty who are house hunting because they are annoyed by the glare on their TV screens.

Another one in ten are concerned that they live in a ‘scrap yard’ neighborhood, while a tenth of those surveyed think that crime rates are going up around them.

But more than one in twenty want to move because they are too far from their nearest pub.

Others plan to move because their cat or dog “doesn’t seem to appreciate” where they currently live.

Sam Mitchell, CEO of online broker Strike, said, “People are moving for all kinds of reasons.

“Some are more urgent than others – not dealing with your neighbors can be a real emotional burden, especially if you spend a lot more time at home right now.

“But some of the other reasons that emerged in our study were definitely a little more frivolous.

“Our results showed that there is currently some uncertainty about moving to a new home – people are unsure whether prices will go up or down, for example.

“But because there are so many reasons that make us move home, and exaggerated by the extra time we spent at home recently, this uncertainty is clearly not enough to stop people from selling.”

The study also found that since the introduction of lockdown measures, half of future movers say their priorities for a home have changed.

Four in ten now want a larger garden or outdoor space, while three in 10 want to be closer to their friends and family.

Now that working from home is the new norm, a quarter say not having a home office has become a deal breaker, and three in ten now want to move further away to get more for their money.

And more than 36 percent expect house prices to rise in their area, as millions across the country are looking to buy and demand is rising.

Only a quarter think their real estate value may drop, but 62 percent believe buying or selling can now be more stressful because of the pandemic.

With the UK slowly disappearing from the lock, more than eight in ten respondents consider it important to sell their home in a socially distant way.

That’s why 44 percent now say they are likely to use an online broker to sell their home, rather than being on the street.

Half of the respondents said the bottom line is that Covid-19 won’t stop them from doing what they want, according to the OnePoll figures.

Strike’s CEO Sam Mitchell added, “Demand for real estate in the UK has returned and buyers’ interest has returned to pre-coronavirus levels much faster than expected.

“We are currently seeing an increase in demand of at least 25 percent from buyers, now before the blocking started.

“Meanwhile, the backlog of sellers who have to move has never been greater.

“Uncertainty over Brexit hampered plans for many long before Covid-19 and now patience is waning.

“This is only exaggerated by the fact that we are all locked in our homes and our priorities for what we want in a home have changed.

“Our job is to guide salespeople and ensure their relocation is as efficient as possible now that they can finally continue.

“Virtual tools and technical services have become commonplace, and it’s high time our industry embraced that to deliver a better and faster service.”


1. To have a bigger house
2. Want a garden / larger garden
3. For another scene
4. To have a bigger kitchen
5. To have a larger living room
6. To be closer to friends and family
7. To move to the countryside
8. For more storage space
9. Don’t like the neighbors
10. To have more parking space
11. To be closer to green
12. Generally bored of the area
13. Having a family or more children
14. To have a private bathroom, a second bathroom or toilet downstairs
15. To have a south facing garden
16. For a better journey to work
17. Don’t want to be stuck in a ‘rope-like’ neighborhood
18. The garden doesn’t get enough sun all day
19. Moving for schools
20. To be closer to the city
21. Not enough natural light
22. Too far from shopping / local amenities
23. Living together with a partner
24. No longer want to be tied to a mortgage
25. The renovation of the property has been completed
26. An increase in local crime
27. Accessibility issues – need ramps, too many stairs etc.
28. Has a new job elsewhere
29. To be closer to beautiful cycling routes
30. Want to travel
31. For better WiFi
32. Wanting room for a bigger TV
33. Too far from the nearest school
34. Too far away from a pub
35. Children do not like the current building
36. Expanding the bins is tedious / difficult, like having to go through the house
37. There is glare on the TV screen
38. Cat / dog does not seem to like the current building
39. A mysterious leak that we cannot fix
40. Think it is haunted


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