Heart-wrenching moment Staffie puppy is 'stolen by thieves' outside family home

A family is pleading for the return of their four-month-old puppy after it was allegedly snatched away by two strangers outside their home in Perth, Western Australia.

Owner and mum-of-four Juanita Houpapa said their English blue Staffie Paua wandered out of their house on Tuesday morning before walking across the road where two alleged thieves were sitting in a black Holden Commodore.

CCTV installed outside their Huntingdale home captured the moment when the pair stepped out of the saloon and appeared to take the dog away.

Little Paua is seen sniffing around the front of the house before crossing the road.

Minutes later, the black saloon stops by and two men are seen coming out of the vehicle.

The English blue Staffie appears scared as he tries to head back to the house but is then picked up by one of the men and taken into the car.

The pair then quickly drives away and leave the area.

Juanita said a neighbour, who was driving behind the Commodore when the alleged thieves swooped in, followed them for about 100 metres before they sped off, according to Perth Now.

Owner Juanita has posted on social media groups to ask neighbours to look for four-month-old Puaua

She also believed the alleged dog snatchers had been scoping the area out for about an hour before the puppy was taken.

The incident has been reported to the local police, who have since launched an investigation.

Juanita said: “We do know that the car had been circling.”

Her 15-year-old son came home to find the side gate unlocked and his puppy missing only minutes later, she added.

She has also posted the footage and pictures of Paua on social media and asked neighbours to share their surveillance videos.

Hundreds have shared her post and some checked for nearby animal shelters for Juanita but the search is still ongoing.

It is not clear if the dog has been micro-chipped.