Helicopter lands to refuel at petrol station and leaves 'as if nothing happened'

Motorists were stunned when a pilot landed his helicopter at a gas station to refuel.

The bizarre scene was captured by shocked customers at the Shell gas station in Garwolin, southeastern Warsaw, Poland.

The clip, which was posted on YouTube on Monday, has seen over 382,000 views.

The footage shows the huge black helicopter at the station as the pilot fills the tank while baffled station workers watch.

They can be seen next to the plane as it sits in the forecourt next to the pumps.

The pilot pays his bills “as if nothing happened” before getting back in the cockpit and leaving.

Another clip taken at a greater distance shows that the helicopter’s propeller spins before taking off.

It flies around the gas station and later zooms into the sky.

A customer told local TV broadcaster Polsat News, “I’ve seen many things in my life, but to land a helicopter at the station …”

A viewer responded to the clip: “We got it! GTA 6 official trailer. It’s no longer Los Santos or Liberty City, it’s time for Garwolin City. ‘

The pilot then took off and zoomed into the sky

“Maybe the gasoline in Garwolin is cheaper,” added a second.

Police are now investigating the incident after it went viral online and collected more than 500 comments on YouTube.

Police spokesman Marek Kapusta told local media, PAP Life: “We are conducting an investigation under the supervision of the public prosecutor’s office.

“It was not difficult to track him down, because he took an invoice from the gas station, i.e. he gave his details.”


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