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Bitcoin (BTC) is back in a full-blown bull market, Ethereum (ETH) and Altcoins are also rebounding, leading to a hiring frenzy at leading digital asset exchanges.

For further insight into the direction of the crypto industry, we will dive into some of the publicly available current vacancies at leading crypto exchanges in the US, Asia and Europe.

In the USA

At the time of writing Coinbase The Careers website has a large number of vacancies listed, adding up to over a hundred open positions.

The technical department seems to be expanding with a whopping seventy open positions. The backend and frontend subdivision is looking for 25 or 17 new employees. This data suggests that Coinbase is looking to further solidify its position as the leading exchange in the region by focusing on developing a more robust platform after facing several technical issues this year.

Additionally, some of the open positions relate to Web 3.0 or a more decentralized web and DeFi (decentralized finance), suggesting that Coinbase may want to play a bigger role in the dapp (decentralized app) and the booming DeFi market.

Other notable departments include Legal and Compliance with 14 open positions, Customer Experience with 14, and finally Security and Privacy with 15 open positions. In the legal and compliance department, they are looking for people with knowledge of Germany, Great Britain, Japan and the USA. We can conclude that the company is looking to streamline its regulatory approach in the US, UK and Germany where it is already accepting customers. In addition, the positions in Tokyo and Singapore suggest that Coinbase intends to expand operations in these countries.

octopuswho recently got a bank charter is also on a hiring frenzy. While there are over ten departments with vacancies, some departments take up the majority of the vacancies.

The Client Services department has the highest number of entries. In addition, a significant proportion of the vacancies relate to specialists in certain countries. This suggests that Kraken product offering should be made as local as possible, especially in non-English speaking countries.

The product and tech departments also have a large number of listings, many of which are related to user experience and app development.

Twins With 38 listings, it has the fewest open positions among the leading US stock exchanges. Three departments have the most vacancies: Design Technology, Security and Software Engineering. The majority of these offerings relate to the further improvement of existing products and services under the Gemini platform, which suggests that Gemini is focused on perfecting its offerings.

In Asia

OKEx has six open positions available through its website, many of them linked to its offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. The company is primarily seeking user experience staff and a regulatory compliance expert. This suggests that the exchange wants to make sure it meets the stringent legal requirements to operate in this region. As reported, the company aims to double the number of its employees in two years. At the end of 2019, OKEx reportedly had around 1,000 employees.

Another leading crypto exchange in Asia, Huobi doesn’t show any vacancies on its website but you can find 18 jobs on its Linkedin page. The highest position is the general manager while there are several positions for analysts and specialists who could help the company deal with risk control and legal issues. It also looks like the company is trying to step up its hiring efforts, as two positions are related to the HR department. Another two positions are open to support specialists. There are also three positions for people in finance.

Binance has a whopping 207 open positions in over a dozen departments. The major crypto exchange has 34 open positions in the customer service department, many of which are country-specific. In addition, some of the entries in this wing refer to specific languages. These openings suggest that Binance is making an effort to meet its customers’ needs in their native language, especially in Asia.

Another notable department for Binance is the technical department with 21 open positions. Many of these positions are in various Asian locations and some in Europe. We can extrapolate that Binance is trying to consolidate its dominance in the Asian market while further improving its reach in countries like Russia and the Netherlands.

After all, Product Design and Operations each have 15 open positions. These departments are looking for qualified employees in specific regions, which in turn indicates that Binance is looking to expand and consolidate its presence in a number of regions worldwide.

In Europe

Leading European digital asset exchange Bitstamp has eight open positions. Most of them are based in Luxembourg, the other three in Slovenia, Great Britain and Singapore.

The positions offered in Luxembourg all relate to legal compliance, which indicates that Bitstamp wants to ensure that its business activities are within the scope of the existing legal guidelines. Additionally, it could indicate that the exchange is preparing for regulatory changes and would like to be prepared in the event they happen.

Viennese Bitpanda has over 55 open positions. Most of the listings are from Vienna, which suggests not venturing into regions outside the EU that the company already supports.

Marketing and engineering seem to be Bitpanda’s focus in this current period. Most of the vacancies are in engineering, which suggests the company is looking to solidify the quality of its platform. Additionally, Bitpanda appears to be focused on attracting more users within its market share, as evidenced by its marketing positions.

An overall picture

Given the projections we can draw from the talent needs of some of the largest digital asset exchanges in the world, we can see that many are focused on consolidating their existing market positions while others seek aggressively to expand into new regions.

However, what almost all exchanges have in common is a desire to stay on the right side of regulators, as evidenced by the number of vacancies in the legal and compliance departments.
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