Hero dog gives his life to defend family against deadly snake that invaded home

The heartbreaking story of a loyal dog who gave his life to protect his family has been shared on Facebook by his owner.

Chiko the dog died at the family’s house in a desperate fight against a poisonous snake that had made its way to the house in the city of Kuching in the eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Chiko’s owner, Alice Minggu, shared a message on Facebook commemorating the faithful dog’s sacrifice.

She said, “Yesterday was a historic day for my entire family and I when we lost our most precious only beloved dog.

“Just a local breed, but it meant so much to us. “

Alice continued, “Many people claimed he was a very aggressive dog, but he saved us yesterday.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t save him after he found a deadly poisonous snake in our dining room.”

Alice described how the intrepid pup “fought until the snake died” but stumbled to the driveway of the house where he breathed his last.

“It was so heartbreaking to see the scene.” she said, adding that it seemed “almost impossible” to separate the fighting dog and snake, as Chiko refused to back off.

She signs: “Really our best dog ever. You will be Chiko forever in our hearts. Until we meet again in a better place.

“Goodbye and rest in peace Chiko”

Hero dog gives his life to defend family against deadly snake that invaded home

Hundreds of people commented on Alice’s Facebook post, describing Chiko as a ‘hero’ and expressing the belief that dogs are truly humanity’s best friend.

Dogs instinctively seem to understand that snakes are dangerous to their human family. Flordia’s Richardson family told a similar story about their Pit Bull puppy Zeus, who fought a deadly coral snake lurking with two of the family’s young sons in their yard.

Like Chiko, Zeus gave his life in defense of his family.


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