Hero mum is breastfeeding 20 newborns after terrorists killed their mums

A mother volunteered to give 20 newborn babies whose mothers were massacred in a horrific terrorist attack in Afghanistan.

The ‘hero’ mother is feeding the children after the barbaric attack on a maternity ward in Kabul, where nurses, mothers and two newborns were slaughtered this week.

Feroza Younis Omar volunteered to feed the babies left without their mothers in the attack on the Doctors Without Borders maternity ward in the Afghan capital, killing 24.

A powerful photo captures the woman, who has her own 14-month-old baby, who is breast-feeding another baby in the hospital, who militants stormed earlier this week in an attack that shocked the world.

The woman, working for the country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, said: “We have all been damaged by criminals destroying humanity in Afghanistan. I am one of those. ‘

Three armed men, dressed as police officers, stormed the maternity hospital in the Afghan capital on Tuesday morning.

They threw grenades before opening fire on hospital workers, mothers and newborn babies.

Khadija, one of the few survivors of the attack, revealed that she had been forced to wait to first hug her newborn son when the armed group stormed the unit several hours after giving birth.

She said the intensive care unit had been full of smoke and bullets, but both she and her son survived, and Khadija herself had to hide under a table to avoid the bullets.

Hero mum is breastfeeding 20 newborns after terrorists killed their mums

So far, no group has claimed the attack, but the country’s president, Ashraf Ghani, has blamed the Taliban and asked the military to step up operations against the group.

But the United States has blamed Islamic State militants – not the Taliban – for the horrific hospital attack that killed two newborn babies.

It reiterated the call to Afghans to embrace a troubled peace boost with the Taliban uprising.

The attackers were eventually killed by Afghan security forces during a lengthy operation.

Hero mum is breastfeeding 20 newborns after terrorists killed their mums

Hero mum is breastfeeding 20 newborns after terrorists killed their mums

After the attack, at least 20 newborns were left without caregivers and transferred to Ataturk Hospital in the Afghan capital of Kabul.

Hospital chief doctor Jannat Gul Askarzada told reporters, “Twenty babies have been taken to Ataturk hospital. One of them was sent to the children’s hospital for orthopedic treatment. “

When the news made headlines in Afghanistan, many people praised the mother on Twitter for her efforts and a hashtag with her name went viral.

Masoom Musakhail tweeted, “That’s humanity to feed the baby of tortured mothers.”

A senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment, Karim Sadjadpour, called the mother “a true hero.”

Since then, more mothers have been inspired by her actions that have followed in the footsteps of Feroza.

Aziza Kermani, from Kabul, told the local media, “I am willing to adopt one of the babies who have lost their mother or whose families do not have the financial resources to raise them.”

Another resident of the capital, who only mentioned her name as Fatima, told a local news center that she also came to the hospital to help the children.


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