Hero police tracker dog rescues girl, 15, 'being raped by knife-wielding man'

A heroic police dog tracked down a schoolgirl and saved her from an alleged rapist as he was sexually attacking her, police have said.

The German Shepherd, called Wolf Mercury, followed the girl’s trail to an abandoned building where the 15-year-old teenager had been held in a terrifying five-hour ordeal, detectives said.

Wolf led detectives to the terrified teen fearing for her life as her suspected attacker was “raping her armed with several knives”, police said.

They added that he had “repeatedly raped and sexually attacked” the teenager.

An incident report reveals harrowing details of the case, which took place in the Russian city of St Petersburg.

It said: “A police German shepherd dog named Wolf Mercury used smell (from the girl’s pillowcase) to follow the trail which led law enforcement officers to an abandoned house.

“At the scene of the crime, police operatives detained a man.”

The suspect allegedly held the girl at knifepoint as he forced her to commit “violent” sex acts.

The victim’s mother told local media her daughter was attacked in a forest as she was on her way to meet family.

She said: “He dragged her into the forest and raped her there.”

Police were called by the concerned mum when her daughter’s phone was turned off and she failed to arrive.

Wolf Mercury picked up the girls scent from her pillowcase and initially lead police to the forest.

Hero police tracker dog rescues girl, 15, 'being raped by knife-wielding man'

Police found the girls discarded underwear at the first scene before Wolf took them to the abandoned house.

The girl’s mum claimed: “He then dragged her through the forest without clothes.

“There was a whole route, the end point of which was an abandoned building.

“He raped my daughter several times, and it lasted five hours. He was going to kill her there.”

Thanking police, she added: “Another hour and she would no longer be alive.”

“The first words of my daughter when I saw her were: ‘I thought you would never find me’.”

The alleged rapist, 36, has been arrested on suspicion of “violent acts of a sexual nature”.

Maria Kopteva, the police handler, praised the skilled dog who has previously tracked down a murderer, robbers and lost children.