Hilarious moment exercising dog forced to jump off treadmill to retrieve parcel

A sweet dog has abandoned his owner after a pet camera captured his reaction when he picked up a package from a delivery person.

Taozi the husky trained on a treadmill with his Samoyed friend Fugui at his owner’s shop in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province in northern China.

In the clip, liked more than 290,000 times, the chubby black and white dog wobbles his butt on the treadmill while his owner is away from the shop floor.

At the same time, a man enters the store and calls the owner to pick up the package.

In the background a woman can be heard: “Taozi, help me get the package.

‘I’m busy with work here. Come on.’

The clever little dog looks back and stops his cardio training so that he slides all the way to the ground.

Taozi walks to the delivery person and collects the heavy package.

He swings his head up and down as he makes his way to his owner.

As soon as he drops it, he goes back to the treadmill and resumes his workout.

Viewers called Taozi a “self-disciplined” dog and were impressed with his exercise routine.


One of them said, “He’s more disciplined than I am. I didn’t go to the gym once this year.”

“The dog knows he’s been eating a little too much, so he gets on the treadmill to exercise,” joked another.

Some pointed out that the dog would watch his owner when his training was interrupted.

One viewer wrote: “You can see how reluctant he is when the owner calls out his name. He just wants to play sports!”

Another added, “Luckily you saw it when he jumped back on the treadmill?”