Horror as young girl 'killed in her sleep' by bulldozer destroying home

A young girl was reportedly trampled to death when a bulldozer tore down a family home where the girl was said to be sleeping.

The tragic incident took place in the southern Saudi Arabian region of Asir when several bulldozers demolished buildings that were reportedly constructed without permits.

The victim, identified as Noura, from Harajah was killed while she was sleeping at home, according to local reports.

Video posted on to social media captures one of the construction workers operating on the bulldozer at the site and tearing down one of the homes.

The machine runs over the rubble as it pulls down the structure.

The clip, which was titled with hashtag “critical assaults kill girl Noua” in Arabic, sparked outrage among local residents and human rights activists.

Officials at state Asir Emirate offered condolences to the family of the girl and confirmed that the governor of the region instructed the Public Prosecution Branch to monitor all the circumstances of the accident.

Meanwhile, public prosecutor Sheikh Saud Bin Abdullah Al-Moajab has reportedly ordered an immediate investigation into little Noura’s death.

Human rights activists slammed the government for removing a residential building without prior inspection

Humanitarian groups urged the ones responsible to be held accountable for the girl’s untimely death.

Activist Abdul Aziz Al-Shehri expressed his shock at the demolition of the house without inspecting it.

He wrote: “God suffices me and yes, the agent in you, O Asir region secretariat, means reasonable to remove a residential building without inspecting it or making sure that there are no people; what guilt has been killed?”

In April this year, Saudi forces killed a resident who refused to leave his home to make way for a planned cross-border city in the Tabuk Province.

Abdul Rahman Al-Huwaiti was a member of the Al-Huwaiti tribe who had lived in the region for centuries.

Following his death, eight tribe members were arrested, according to local media.


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