How England looked on the last night before four-week lockdown

How England looked on the last night before four-week lockdown

Punters flocked to bars and restaurants on Wednesday to enjoy their last night out for a month while some did last-minute shopping or got a late-night haircut

Pubs and restaurants in England have been packed out with customers as the country prepares to enter a four-week lockdown.

From Thursday November 5, people in England will be required to stay at home except for “specific purposes” in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The measures mean all non-essential retail and hospitality venues will be forced to close until the restrictions are lifted on December 2.

Pubs and bars in London were packed to the rafters as crowds flocked to enjoy their last pint before advent.

There were large crowds in Soho, which closed roads to traffic to allow outdoor dining and eating for punters, with police out patrolling the streets, ensuring people stuck to social distancing rules and did not gather in more than groups of six.

There were similar scenes in city centres across England with pictures showing crowds of drinkers in Leeds, Bristol, and Newcastle.

The sudden lockdown announcement even prompted pub giant Wetherspoon to slash the price of real ale to just 99p to get rid of stock which could go to waste.

This is what the streets of England looked like as the country prepared to enter its second national lockdown.