How to Check Airtel Number: 3 Simple Options

How to Check Airtel Number: 3 Simple Options

How to Check Airtel Number: In this post we are here with some working Airtel USSD code which will assist you to get your own Airtel number instantly. Currently, these USSD numbers are working but they’ll not add future. we’ll update you once the working code is modified.

How to Check Airtel Number

So, here’s how you’ll check Airtel number

You can check your Airtel number through:

• USSD Code
• Airtel Thanks App
• Customer Care

Check Airtel Number Through USSD Codes

Airtel Number Check Code 1: *282#
Airtel Mobile Number Check Code 2: *121*1#
Airtel SIM Number Check Code 3: *121*9#
Airtel Number Check Code (USSD) 4: *121*51#

Check Airtel Number Through the Airtel Thanks App

You can also check your Airtel mobile number through the Airtel Thanks app. Just download/update/open the app and visit the house screen, you’ll notice the mobile number there.

Check Airtel Number by calling Airtel Customer Care

Call 121 or 198 and ask them that you simply do not know your number. they’re going to offer you the amount or tell you the method of getting it.

If you’re facing any issues such as “errors” after typing the above-mentioned USSD codes on your smartphone then we are requesting or any basic simple phones then you should do the same process later.

May be some technical fault doing the same which can be fixed after a while. On the opposite hand, if you getting a mistake multiple times then kindly call the customer care number or complaint number of Airtel and discuss the matter with them. it’ll surely assist you.


We hope this post helped you get to see the Airtel number through the codes and other details mentioned above. If you’ve got any queries, complaints, suggestions, opinions then are happy to contact us through our contact page.