How to choose a crypto exchange in UK?

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When choosing the crypto exchange to trade cryptocurrencies with, you should consider indicators such as platform reliability, availability of trading instruments and liquidity. The greater the trading volume on a given exchange, the higher the liquidity and the greater the confidence in the health of the market. If you are looking for a UK crypto exchange and are looking for a reliable platform to trade handy trading instruments, you should definitely look out for StormGain cryptocurrency exchange.

What is StormGain?

StormGain is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform UK crypto exchanges. It was launched in the summer of 2019 by a team of seasoned professionals who have worked in leading finance and IT companies. In late summer 2019, StormGain became a sponsor of the famous English Premier League football club Newcastle United. In 2020, the company concluded sponsorship with an Italian Serie A football club – SS Lazio.

StormGain’s goal is to empower cryptocurrency investors to earn faster and with less effort. The platform offers unique tools and special offers especially for traders and investors.

What are the main features of StormGain?

StormGain is now offering UK customers the ability to purchase popular crypto assets using bank cards and receive 12% annual income for passive assets. The trading platform has made it easier for UK users to purchase cryptographic currency. Thanks to the cooperation with the international payment company Simplex, anyone can quickly and securely buy the most popular cryptocurrencies with a bank card.

To do this, just open the account, just use your email address and select the asset you want. Client accounts are nominated in the stable Tether cryptocurrency (USDT). In this case, StormGain customers can get up to 12% annually if the amount of their deposit exceeds 100 USDT. To store assets, users have a secure and free built-in wallet with two-factor authentication.

Users can also trade with the multiplier to 1: 100. The multiplier allows you to trade more money than the user and multiply the profit from the trade. Operations can be carried out both via a practical web interface and via iOS and Android applications.