How to Earn Money Playing Computer Games

Shroud, PewDiePie, Faker, DrDisrespect, and xQc are some of the current biggest names in the game industry. All these people have one thing in common. They make money playing video games. In 2020, the world will be much more open to different possibilities for people to earn a comfortable living by doing something unconventional.

According to comments on Quora and Reddit, as well as YouTube videos made by various people in the industry, there is a lot of potential to earn income by doing what you love. But be warned, it’s not easy. While many websites try to work around the issues that you face, you need to have a solid game plan before doing any of the methods in this list.

Live streaming

If you spend a lot of time playing video games regularly (preferably every day), streaming your gameplay in real time for the world to see offers a great opportunity for people to see what you stand for. That’s where a plan comes in. Live streaming requires that you have some charisma, while providing entertainment and decent gameplay for your viewers.

The goal as a streamer is to build a large audience of followers and subscribers. By doing this, you can monetize your streams and earn a commission on views. In addition to earning commissions only through the platform, you can attract sponsors or market yourself for potential sponsors who will pay you to advertise on their platform.

If you want to be an educational streamer, it’s great to present viable ways for your audience to grow their XP and improve faster. If you mainly stream a game with an intense grind like RuneScape, World of Warcraft or Path of Exile, a great platform for your viewers to Buy WoW items, PoE in-game currency, and obtaining useful microtransactions

Of the many existing platforms, Eldorado has been extremely useful to many newer players learning from streamers.

Gaming Journalism

A great way to make money playing video games is in game journalism. Writing is something that can be distinctive in the video game industry. More than ever, players want true gaming journalists, as many of the current gaming magazines hit the wrong note with their fans. Today, players want to read from reliable sources that are not suitable for companies in exchange for good reviews.

If you want to start with game journalism, it’s great to find an internship or gain experience writing for your school newspaper. Any kind of experience is a great step to open the door. Once you’re ready to sign up with an outlet, just send your resume or resume and wait for a response.

If you want to increase your chances of finding gigs, you can sign up at a number of medium-level outlets. Going to magazines like IGN or Kotaku as a beginner is a pointless undertaking. Many websites usually hire people, so when you visit their homepage and scroll down you may see a small link ‘Write for us’ or ‘We’re hiring’.

If you want players to flood your articles, you have to provide a value that you won’t find anywhere else. Introducing your readers to platforms such as helps your audience streamline their gaming experience to maximize the fun of gaming.

eSports and guides

If you are really good at a video game, other players will come to you. That’s why millions of people tune into eSports games. A game with the best players in a video game is extremely intriguing to watch. You can be part of that by joining an eSports organization. Be warned though, among the best players in the world it can be hard to get noticed.

The number one way to stand out in eSports is to win. As a winner, many doors open. The prize pools are a great way to earn income, but players who have won wins are more likely to have great sponsorships. If you’re a child prodigy, it’s important to have an industry attorney with you before signing with an organization. This will help you find the best deals and avoid horror stories that are popular in the eSports industry.

Gaming tournaments are not the only way for professional players to successfully capitalize on their skills. If you’re really good at a game, you can even make a living by livestreaming. Participating in tournaments for millions of live viewers exposes you to a wide audience. Your active social media can attract viewers of these games. They can visit your streams and will be attracted to your skills and personality.

As an eSports player, you can even write detailed guides based on your experience. These guides are very useful for new players. Your experience gives you some insight into the details that other players and writers cannot replicate. However, you may need to improve your writing skills or start a YouTube channel to get your message across.

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