How to get a discount on 200 items as Tesco launches new sale

Tesco has launched a sale for its Clubcard customers with discounts on more than 200 already applied items.

Anyone with a Clubcard who scans their barcode or swipes the strip at the checkout will receive a discount on a huge range of food.

And Tesco says more items will be added in the coming weeks, reports The mirror.

The Clubcard Prices deal now includes 200 frozen foods, including branded and own brands such as Carte D’Or, Birds Eye and McCain.

In the coming days, hundreds more items from other aisles will be added.

At the same time, Tesco is expanding its Aldi price matching deal, bringing prices to the same level as in the German supermarket chain.

That deal now includes 500 items.

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “We know that great value is more important to customers than ever before, so to reward our loyal customers, we offer everyone with a Tesco Clubcard access to hundreds of exclusive deals.

“We also offer low prices on hundreds of products every day, so customers can get clear and consistent prices for the products they buy regularly.”

The latest discount plan is rolling out online and in all stores, except Express stores, starting today, September 15.