How to join the fight against Covid and help deliver the vaccine

Now that the government has confirmed that a Covid vaccine is green-lit, the focus will now shift to how it can be rolled out as soon as possible.

And you can get involved in what will no doubt be a national effort by volunteering to help administer the shot, reports the Liverpool Echo.

St John Ambulance will work with the NHS to roll out the vaccine and between now and spring 2021, the service plans to train more than 30,000 volunteers.

Full training is provided by the two organizations and different roles are available.

The services offered are: Vaccination Care Volunteer, Volunteer Patient Advocate and Volunteer Vaccinator.

Some people, especially the voluntary vaccinators, will be able to give vaccinations, but others are there to support people in receiving a vaccination.

Vaccination Care Volunteers support patients from arrival to discharge. They help patients go to the right place to get their vaccination and are on hand to provide first aid if anyone has a medical emergency.

Voluntary Patient Advocates will focus on patient wellbeing throughout their experience. You take care of individuals and small groups in the vaccination centers. If someone has a medical emergency, a volunteer patient attorney can spot it and get help quickly.

You can apply here on the website, Once you have applied, you will be invited for an interview and undergo training and an assessment before taking on the position.

All roles are available in different locations across the country with a minimum time commitment of 2 shifts of maximum 8 hours each (16 hours in total per month).