How to see the Starlink train of satellites in the night sky this week

A strange train of lights will float through the night sky over the UK this week as Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite train shows an impressive display.

The lights fly over the dark sky in formation and you have a number of chances to catch the bright lights this week.

Starlink is a network of satellites launched by Elon Musk into low Earth orbit to bring broadband internet connection to the world.

Tonight, Monday May 4, the satellites are expected to be visible in the UK around 9:26 PM and most people in the UK should be able to see it.

Here’s an overview of the best times to see the Starlink satellites this week, and how to track them through the night sky.

The satellites generally appear in the west or southwest and go from east to northeast.

What time can you see the Starlink satellite view this week?

The satellites are visible on:

21:26, May 4, 2020

22:01, May 5, 2020

21:02, May 6, 2020

How to track the Starlink satellites

If you want to track the satellites in real time, you can Find the Starlink website.

On the site, you can view the location of the satellites in real time on a map or enter your location to see exactly when the satellites are visible from your home.

The results are filtered based on how bright the satellites will be, so make sure you look at those listed as “Bright”.

A Starlink satellite (Image: SpaceX)

What are the Starlink satellites?

Elon Musk hopes that the satellites will bring cheap internet to remote areas of the world.

Starlink explained, “With performance far in excess of traditional satellite internet, and a global network not limited by ground infrastructure constraints, Starlink will rapidly provide broadband internet to locations where access was unreliable, expensive or completely unavailable.”


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