Huge brawl erupts at steak house after diners row over social distancing

A wild west-style brawl involving more than a dozen of people has erupted after a woman complained over social distancing in a restaurant.

The altercation inside the Saltgrass Steak House in Little Rock, Arkansas, US, happened after the female diner allegedly told other customers that they were standing too close to her.

Video shared on social media captures how the fight unfolded near the bar area on Saturday evening.

A woman wearing a face mask is seen yelling at a blonde woman while a man stands in between them and tries to calm the situation.

She says: “You’re supposed to be six feet away from me!”

“You’re yelling,” the other woman replies.

She continues: “Of course I’m yelling. Your man spits at me!”

Meanwhile, a man in a USA t-shirt approaches and appears to talk to the woman’s boyfriend at the bar before things escalate.

The boyfriend becomes agitated and suddenly throws a glass towards him, knocking the man to the floor.

But he is soon being dragged to the ground and punched in the torso.

It escalated to a fight when the man shoved the woman's boyfriend in the back

His partner quickly goes over and repeatedly punches the man in the head.

Other diners are seen trying to settle the fight as some of them shout: “Chill, calm down.”

Seth Crews, who recorded the footage, told KARK 4 News that he was having dinner with his brother when they heard the commotion.

He said: “All the restaurant employees were trying to help, they were just in shock like the rest of us.

“The guy came up and was touching on his back and giving him a little shove and he just wasn’t taking it and that’s when it all started.”

A police report obtained by the news outlet claimed a restaurant employee saw a woman wearing a face mask telling two others that they were sitting too close.

It is understood that nobody involved in the fight has filed any charges.