Hungry seagull swipes pizza out of food blogger's hand as he films

An Instagram food blogger has captured the moment a hungry seagull snatched away his slice of pizza during a vlog.

Gian Andrew Squadrilli, from Italy, was taking a short clip of his zucchini and cheese pizza in front of the picturesque coastal town of Sorrento in southern Italy when he was rudely interrupted.

The video begins with Gian trying to film the piece of pizza with the serene blue sea in the background.

While he is busy getting the camera focused on the food, a huge seagull suddenly descends from the sky and swoops in front of him, taking a big bite on the pizza and quickly flying away.

It happened so fast that Gian didn’t know how to react before the pizza disappeared in his hand.

The clip was shared to his army of 100,000 followers on Instagram shortly after the shocking incident over the weekend.

He later wrote in the post: “Guys I don’t believe it. It is the first time that such a thing has happened to me.

“A seagull has just robbed me. I swear I am shocked… a whole slice in its mouth and it almost took my finger off.

Gian had no time to react when the seabird took away his zucchini pizza in one bite

“The risk of being an influencer.”

He said the bird had then made off with the free meal and added ironically: “Whoever finds the seagull, please make it pay.”

Gian was at his own restaurant, Golocious, when the raid was carried out as he stepped onto the balcony outside the eatery.

Hundreds of food lovers commented on the unexpected seagull attack.

One viewer made a comment on the video: “You were good at keeping your phone in your hand, I would have dropped the phone in the water out of fear”.

Another joked: “Bro, it took your finger off, but you didn’t notice.”

A third wrote: “It understood the goodness of that pizza and didn’t want to miss it. I would have done the same”.


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