Husband says baby's name is child abuse - and nickname is as bad
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Husband says baby's name is child abuse – and nickname is as bad

A mother expecting a baby boy in August says that her husband has now labeled the traditional family name they agreed to as “child abuse” and that his family thinks the nickname she has suggested is inappropriate.

The woman, who has not been named, says that her husband initially agreed to the name that has been in her family since the 19th century, but she has since come back to it because his family is so angry.

And she says he now claims that the nickname she suggested ‘preventing bullying’ is a joke and would be just as bad.

The boy becomes their first child, The reports Mirror.

The expectant mother said, “I am well aware that it is a stigmatized name, so that is why I agreed to use a short form.

“The name is Gaylord. I get it, believe me, i know most people hate it. That is why I have been able to discuss with my parents and grandparents that he will visit Gail in daily life so that he does not have to deal with bullies.

“They really didn’t like the idea, but I have worn them out and they agreed and don’t seem too offended by this.

“They see the reaction to today’s name as a craze that will eventually disappear, and I agree that accepting every generation tends to become one. If society stops being so immature, he can start using the full name. “

He explained to her husband that their son would be called Gaylord on the birth certificate, but would pass by Gail, he has now said that he assumed she was joking and that he never agreed to use both names.

Her husband told his family about the name choice and they are now ‘chasing’ her and saying it would be ‘insulting’ – and even led to a screaming contest between the grandparents on the phone.

“My in-laws tell me that even Gail is not the name of an acceptable boy, and that I should” go with the times “and choose something better,” she continued.

“They gave me a list of approved names like I’m a child, which is incredibly offensive to me. They have no right to name my own baby for me.

“I don’t think my husband would have such a problem if his family didn’t put their nose where it doesn’t belong, since he had no problem with it a year ago. What has happened to respecting our elders and traditions?

“His family has no name traditions, so it should be up to my family who does. How can I expect to break an age-old family tradition?

“I can’t get past this, and neither can my in-laws.”

She asked Reddit users for advice. One of them said, “I work with elementary age children and this is a terrible idea. I’m sorry, but no. Don’t call your child Gaylord in any form.”

Another said, “Some traditions are reaching the point where they are no longer suitable for the modern age. This is 100% that time. Choose another name.”

A third suggested, “You both let family make a decision that really lies between you and your husband. I think you should discuss this with your husband and disregard both in-laws.

“You both need to have an equal voice in naming your child and not reject each other.”


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