If the Broncos don’t want to ruin Drew Lock, team needs to show young QB tough love and bench him. – The Denver Post

LAS VEGAS — If the Broncos love quarterback Drew Lock, they will bench him.

“We’re committed to Drew, and the more he can play, the better he’ll be,” Broncos coach Vic Fangio said Sunday, after Lock crapped out yet kept doubling down on bad bets during a humiliating 37-12 loss to the hated Raiders.

“He’s got to fight through this, like most young quarterbacks do at some point in their career. And we’re going to continue to play him.”

Sorry, Uncle Vic. I beg to differ.

Committed? That’s what you do with somebody that keeps repeating the same madness.

I’ve seen enough of the mistakes of reckless hubris committed by Lock. The starting quarterback suffers from brain freeze so often he is rapidly earning a nickname: “Vapor” Lock.

Do the Broncos want to ruin Lock and repeat the same failed process that gave us Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemien and Paxton Lynch? Then by all means let this quarterback keep banging his stubborn head against a wall while trying to squeeze the ball in windows that turn out to be black holes.

Hate to break this to you, Uncle Vic. But history is on my side.

Way back in 1983, when John Elway looked more like a confused rookie than a future Hall of Famer, coach Dan Reeves benched the team’s prized QB after Elway lost three straight games in October.

So what makes Lock special? On a team that has let the stench of a losing culture seep into the walls of Dove Valley headquarters and is 3-6 for the fourth straight season, who holds this cocksure young quarterback from Missouri accountable for his errors?

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Are there no consequences? And do the Broncos care if they run his confidence into the ground?