Incredible moment 15ft monster crocodile races alongside fisherman's boat

This is the dramatic moment a 15ft crocodile breached the water and raced alongside a fisherman’s speedboat.

Robert Dunn was heading to check his crab pots in Bloomfield at Cape Tribulation in Queensland, Australia, when he noticed a saltwater crocodile emerging from the water at a close distance.

Mobile phone footage shows the massive 4.5 metre-long (14.7ft) reptile propelling itself out of the water and dives in as it swims side by side with Robert.

The apex predator follows him along the Bloomfield River before it disappears in the shallow waters.

Robert told 9News that the crocodile is locally known as “Tommy” and weighs about 700kg.

He said: “The first time he came up he had a little bit of a hissy fit, he had a little bit of sizzle there, they growl a lot.

“I was fortunate he didn’t have a go at the tinny, I thought he tried to have a little crack there at one stage.”

Robert added that he last saw Tommy sunbathing on the banks of the Bloomfield River.

“I’ve seen him before, he’s a resident in the area, he’s not the biggest one,” he said.

The 15ft long apex predator caught up with Robert's boat as it emerged from water

The fisherman shared the clip on Facebook, where it amassed more than 10,000 comments. Many were stunned by how fast the crocodile swam.

One viewer wrote: “I’m still always amazed how quick these big boys can move.”

“So cute, just like a playful dolphin!” another said.

A third commented: “Ok, I’m officially freaked out about these things now! I’ve had a couple of encounters but this really brings home how quick those crocodiles can be.”