Incredible moment girl on blow-up unicorn is saved after being swept out to sea

A young girl was saved by a passing ferry after she was spotted floating half a mile away from shore on an inflatable unicorn.

The four-year-old, whose name has not yet been disclosed, was carried away by the wind and swept by the currents when she was out at sea with her parents in Antirrio, western Greece, on Monday afternoon.

Passengers on board the Salamina Warrior Ferry en route to Rio, a suburb town in Patras across the sea, noticed the white float and alerted the crew, who stopped the boat at roughly 500 metres away from the shore.

Video taken by one of the crew members show the staff lowering the landing deck to let the girl’s float drift towards the ferry.

Concerned ferry passengers stand behind the safety line to watch while the staff tries to pick up the girl from the sea.

The girl was taken to a local hospital, where she later reunited with her parents.

Grigoris Karnesis, captain of the ferry, told news outlet Proto Thema that he believed the girl was in shock and that she wasn’t speaking for some time after they saved her.

The four-year-old was saved after drifting half a mile out to the sea

He also said he had to be careful not to sink the ferry when rescuing the girl.

“I placed the ship in a way that it is not affected by ripples, we would have serious problems if the lifebuoy sank,” Mr Karnesis added.

“The girl could also fall into the water if the waves are too big.”

According to Greek state TV channel ERT, the parents spoke to a child psychologist, who suggested them to bring the girl back to the beach to let her overcome the traumatic experience.