Influencer slammed for 'auctioning virginity' to raise awareness of coronavirus

An Instagram influencer was outraged after she offered to sell her virginity for over £ 100,000 to raise money for first-line corona virus workers.

Indonesian influencer Sarah Salsabila, who follows Sarah Keihl on Instagram, reportedly made the offer in a video saying she was willing to auction her virginity with a starting price of IDR 2 billion (£ 110,035).

She said in the video, “A pretty tough decision in my life. Maybe some of you understand this, but I’ve decided to do this to raise funds to help the people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. “

Sarah said the proceeds from the auction would go to Covid-19 health workers and those who were financially affected by the pandemic.

She reportedly told her 232,000 followers that the auction would begin at 9:00 PM Indonesian time on Wednesday.

The influencer reportedly faced a backlash from users in Indonesia and has now said the auction was not genuine, but just a piece of “satire” aimed at people who don’t take the corona virus seriously enough.

She explained the stunt and said, “I’m sorry I caused the controversy.

She later apologized, claiming it was an idea of

“In reality, the virginity auction was my idea of ​​satire of those who are not sensitive to the situation.”

She said she and her family took advantage of her post, so she apologized for paying 1000 bags of grocery aid, adding that the money is “halal” and that she “never sold myself or my dignity.”

She added, “I am very sorry for all the inconvenience.

“I had no intention of making up such a humiliating post, and I had no intention of selling my virginity in the first place.”


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