Inseparable lamb and dog finally reunited with owner after escaping home

A dog and its inseparable lamb best friend have reunited with their owner after both went missing from the home.

Liz Hansford raised the alarm when she noticed her Kelpie Rio and little lamb Minty escaped from her home in Gordonvale, south of Cairns in Australia yesterday.

She was worried that they had been stolen or taken by a crocodile and decided to approach neighbours for help and asked if they had seen the friendly pair strolling in their gardens.

A large search effort got underway as the community sent out six different quad bikes with some of them patrolling on horseback or with their dogs.

After a gruelling 36-hour search, Liz received a call from a neighbour who noticed his cat staring at a dog and a lamb in his yard at about 4am this morning.

She posted the video on her Facebook showing the heartwarming moment Rio and Minty run into Liz across a field.

The pair put on a big grin when they see their owner waiting for them.

Liz told 7 News: “I don’t know what they’ve done, or where they’ve been. But thank God, Rio has followed some trail back home and Minty kept up with her.

Owner Liz worried that they had been injured or attacked by crocodiles

“They were together in his yard, thank goodness.

“Minty had two bottles of milk straight away … and we gave Rio a big bowl of biscuits.”

She believed Rio was the one who escaped from home and best friend Minty followed her for the little adventure.

“They are best friends at distance, they greet the mailman together, and run around together,” Liz added.