Inside blood-soaked lives of El Chapo's sons – from shoot-outs to beatings

El Chapo, AKA Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, was considered Mexico’s deadliest drug lord.

His multi-millionaire drug kingdom spanned the globe and was protected by a wall of hitmen and the most vicious members of his cartel.

After being abused by his father as a child, Guzman first began selling his narcotics business through marjuana before seeing his wealth and power increase as he switched to hard drugs and higher interests.

As head of the Sinaloa cartel, El Chapo was one of the world’s most wanted man, and authorities finally arrested him in 1993.

He was sentenced to twenty years in prison, but only eight years after his conviction he managed to flee his maximum security prison and take his place again as head of one of the world’s greatest crime syndicates.

Listed as one of the most powerful people in the world, Guzman was arrested in 2014 and sentenced for the second time.

But again, the bars of a cell couldn’t hold him, and he escaped again in the most loving way.

El Chapo was smuggled out of a second high-security prison through a secret tunnel that ran under his cell in 2016.

He stayed loose for 12 months, even interviewed by Hollywood star Sean Penn, but in 2016 El Chapo was behind bars for the third time.

He is incarcerated in the infamous Super Max prison, ADX Florence, in America, where he has been ordered to spend the rest of his life.

El Chapo managed to escape from prison for the second time through a tunnel in his cell

But if the authorities hoped that his drug empire, the largest in the world, would collapse after his conviction, they were very mistaken.

The Sinaloa Cartel is now led by the sons of El Chapos, Ovidio, Jesus, Joaquín, and Iván, who control the Mexican drug market just as much as their father once did.

Known as the Los Chapitos, meaning the minors, the trio appears immune to arrest and arrest by authorities.

In October last year, Ovidio, nicknamed El Raton, or The Mouse, was arrested in a luxury home in Mexico, but he was not long under lock and key.

When he was taken into custody, a massive firefight ensued, with members of his cartel firing at the authorities.

Ovidio Guzman, son of El Chapo, was briefly arrested and then released

The charge was allegedly led by Mexican officials by Ovidio’s older brother, Ivan, who is said to be one of the leading figures in the Sinaloa cartel.

Mexican Security Minister Alfonso Durazo said, “He was one of those who led the mobilization of several criminal elements in Culiacan.

“Ivan Archivaldo was not at home, which was taken over by (security) personnel participating in this operation.”

Hundreds of cartel shooters came to the rescue of Ovidio and launched a massive firefight against the armed forces who held him in custody.

Chaos erupted in Culiacan when soldiers stormed the area, with fierce gunfights on the city streets killing at least 13 people.

Ovidio Guzman is one of El Chapo's many sons - at the time of his arrest in October last year

It left political leaders in Mexico with no choice – to release Ovidio to “prevent more bloodshed.”

However, one of the agents involved in Ovidio’s arrest was found with 155 gunshot wounds a few weeks later.

And even the worldwide coronavirus pandemic is no longer hungry for violence.

The Chapitos are said to have imposed a curfew on the city under the supervision of the cartel – and they imposed our severe penalties on anyone who breaks the rules.

“This is not a game, we are not playing,” a member of the Sinaloa cartel reportedly said in one of many videos circulating on social media.

Ovid's arrest sparked a massive gunfight

“After ten o’clock in the evening, all people must be in because of the coronavirus, otherwise they will be punished, these are orders” from above (from Los Chapitos), “said the video, referring to the brothers.

They would send their accomplices into the city to punish anyone who breaks the curfew with blows, torture and heavy fines.

The cartel members say that only those essential workers who return home after their working day are allowed to take to the streets during curfew.

Despite their role at the head of one of the world’s deadliest cartels, El Chapo’s son certainly enjoys the spoils of their violence.

The former drug lord is believed to have as many as 24 children, although the official number stands at 15.

But only four of them are said to be actively involved in running his former cartel – and they have their rivals.

At 39, Ivan is El Chapo’s eldest son and reportedly the oldest of the brothers in the cartel – and he is most focused on family strength.

He and his younger brother are no strangers to the risk of being part of such an infamous family, as they were both kidnapped in 2016 by a rival cartel while their father was still running the company from prison.

Ovidio, or El Raton, is currently being searched by both the U.S. and Mexican authorities, even though he was arrested and subsequently released.

He is considered one of the most important lieutenants of the Sinaloa cartel.

In the wedding of El Chapo's daughter dancing with her groom

Jesus is the only son of El Chapo who is on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of most wanted drugs and, like his brother, one of the most essential lieutenants in the cartel.

And aside from his role in the mass drug trade, he’s also known for his lavish lifestyle, which he flaunts on social media.

The fourth brother, Joaquín, has a very low profile, but is strongly suspected of being closely involved in the cartel.

But it seems that the brothers are happy to pay for one thing: their sister’s wedding.

Alejandrina married in a lavish ceremony in February, complete with armored luxury cars and cartel killers as security.

38-year-old and groom Edgar Cazares arrived in armored SUVs and the cathedral in Culiacan.

Instead of dancing with her father during a nighttime bash, Alejandrina – who wore a white dress and a tiara – set out with her mother, Maria, who was Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s first wife.

Photos show a row of luxury armored cars parked in front of a cathedral, which was closed to the public and under heavy security.

Heavily armed drug cartel assassins secured the event, while high-profile individuals were among the guests, according to Mexican media.

It is believed that Ovidio Guzman Lopez, one of El Chapo’s sons, attended the wedding, which was presided over by a priest close to the Guzman family.


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