Instagram influencer flashes backside in 'epic fail' while trying to take photos

An Instagram influencer who was trying to get the perfect photo accidentally fell and revealed her butt to thousands of followers.

Alex Baxter was traveling in the Australian outback when the hilarious moment was captured on camera.

The blogger, who often posts photos from her travels, shared the video on the Influencers In The Wild page, which has 3.6 million followers.

The video shows her in a short white dress trying to climb a cliff before sleeping in the water below, reports

In the images, the dress is lifted to reveal her butt, showing the great risks influencers take to get the perfect photos.

The photo is captioned “Free Solo 2: Revenge of the Mountain” and has over 85,000 likes.

One social media user commented, “I knew it was coming, and I still loved every second of it.”

Another said, “Glorious! This should be the result of all ‘influencers’ who go to remote locations and share them on social media for likes.”

A third said, “DYK (you know) it’s possible to go somewhere and NOT share it?”

However, many found the clip hilarious – one Instagrammer said, “I expected that to happen, but seeing it was even better than I imagined.”

Another person added, “This is why I don’t climb rocks!”

She’s not the first influencer to share her behind the scenes – earlier this year, Bear Grylls accidentally streamed his penis live.

The TV hard man, known for his extreme survival skills, logged into his official Insta account before starting a live stream with his fans.

Instagram influencer flashes backside in 'epic fail' while trying to take photos

During the clip, Bear, 45, was featured in nothing but his socks.

The outdoor enthusiast then jumps into an outdoor lake.

Clumsily, as he dived into the water, he jumped over the camera, showing off his manhood.