Jilted lover destroys 'cheating' fiancé's sports car with shovel outside hotel

A jilted woman was caught on camera smashing up her fiancé’s sports car with a metal pole after she found him supposedly cheating in a hotel.

The woman said she tracked down her future husband after having seen his stories on WhatsApp.

He had apparently been uploading selfies with a sparkling wine inside a hotel room.

She then found his sports car parked outside Hotel Patagonia in the city of Tio Gallegos in the province of Santa Cruz in southern Argentina.

Footage captures the 29-year-old going around the luxury red Hyundai Genesis Coupe and hitting it with a barbecue shovel, leaving the windows and the rear-view mirrors broken.

She is heard yelling: “You destroyed a family.

“Don’t go back to the house anymore, you [inaudible] in your children and in your wife.”

The woman, identified as J.M., said she was engaged with the man and they were going to marry, despite only being in a relationship for a couple of months.

According to La Opinion Austral, local police attended the scene and went into the hotel to warn the car owner who went out topless to find the car destroyed.

The man had to pay £3,477 to repair the windows, mirrors and shields for his car

She was subsequently arrested and brought to the police station for questioning. Her partner was also taken to the police station to testify.

Reports state the man has not filed a complaint against the woman although he took the car to a garage where the damages have been estimated at a minimum of 300,000 ARS (£3,477).

The jilted lover has since posted on social media after she was released from the police.

She wrote: “Well now I’m being accused of stealing someone’s husband. I want to make my disclaimer I didn’t steal anyone else’s husband.

“I am a working mum and an excellent mother who always fights for my children so they don’t miss anything. I never asked anyone for anything to feed my children.”