JK Rowling donates £1m to charity to mark Battle of Hogwarts

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has made a generous £ 1 million donation to be split between a homeless charity and a donation to help victims of domestic violence.

She announced news of the incredible donation on Twitter today (Saturday).

The author said she made the £ 1 million donation as today marked the 22nd anniversary of the Battle Of Hogwarts.

She will split the £ 1 million donation between Crisis and Refuge, a homeless charity that helps victims of domestic violence and abuse.

In a series of tweets, she said, “Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, but I’m going to honestly say that talking about fictional deaths today seems inappropriate. Too many people are losing loved ones in the real world.

“So on this anniversary of a great wizarding victory, I think of the people doing their job to protect us and our way of life. I have 3 key employees in my immediate family, and like all those family members, I am torn between pride and fear.

“As always in such a crisis, the poorest and most vulnerable are hit hardest, so in honor of the Battle of Hogwarts I will donate £ 1m, half going to Crisis helping the homeless during the pandemic and half going to Refuge because we know that domestic violence unfortunately increased enormously during the closure. “

The news was warmly welcomed by her fans on Twitter, who said the generous donation would help many people fight adversity during the pandemic.

Thiego Novais tweeted: “Thank you for being the light for so many people around the world. Your books have changed and brought a lot of joy and inspiration to so many people. We will never forget that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times . “

Mama Melton tweeted: “As a nurse, I see the impact of this virus every day, a great way to celebrate the anniversary.”

Gordo: “The battle for Hogwarts will always be for me when the real heroes come forward. Marcel, Luna, Serverus. Heart, mind, soul.

“Even at death there is courage and good. Your donation to the silent fighters will help so much. Thanks for everything.’

Jessie tweeted: “What a great idea! Stay safe! I’m a key worker too! We’ll all get through it.”