Joe Maddon in favor of MLB playoffs in a bubble – with good weather

ANAHEIM — The Major League Baseball postseason might be headed to Southern California, regardless of what the Angels and Dodgers do, and Joe Maddon is all for it.

MLB is considering bubble scenarios for the postseason, similar to what the NBA and NHL have done, in order to help protect the sport from the coronavirus.

Areas with multiple MLB facilities, including Southern California, are reportedly possibilities to host the postseason.

To Maddon, it’s a great idea not just because of the coronavirus, but also the weather.

“I’ve been involved in some really hellacious World Series weather, the worst being in Philadelphia in 2008,” said Maddon, who managed the Tampa Bay Rays against the Philadelphia Phillies that year. “Football shouldn’t have been played on that day. You get to the most important time of the year and then you ask the players to play under circumstances that really do not contribute to the best baseball.”

The weather in Southern California would obviously be a benefit of a bubble postseason. The negative, of course, would be that would mean MLB would be conceding a postseason with no fans.

“There’s no question we’re realizing why fans are so significant, probably the biggest part of this game without them here, it feels entirely different,” Maddon said. “Missing the fan element can never be replaced.”

Maddon also said you wouldn’t “get the performances you’re looking for” without fans.

This year, of course, MLB may not have a choice, so Maddon is OK with whatever happens.

“For right now, I’ll take any kind of experimentation,” he said, “so we could learn from that. I think this is the time to do it.”


When Maddon looks at Luis Rengifo, he sees a future Ben Zobrist. Maddon managed Zobrist in Tampa and with the Chicago Cubs, carving out a career a super utility player.

“This guy’s a high-end, everyday player as utility player,” Maddon said. “I could tell you about Zobrist and how that worked. There’s a lot of similarities with this fella right here, so if he ends up eventually getting some work in the outfield too at some point, you’re going to look for a way to get him in the lineup, every day.”

Maddon added that Rengifo also could be an everyday second baseman. One of the issues he still needs to correct is that he strikes out too much.

“He has short arms and he’s very strong,” Maddon said. “I think it’s a matter of mental approach, just trying to get him to think a little differently at the plate. … This guy’s work ethic is tremendous.”


Jo Adell was not in the lineup Tuesday, the first time in the week since he arrived that he did not play when he was healthy. He had missed two games with a tight quad. Maddon said he wanted Adell to have a “good workout” before the game. They have been focusing on his defense in early workouts. …

Maddon said he was encouraged by Andrelton Simmons’ workout Monday, his first full day of baseball activity since he sprained his ankle, but he still doesn’t have a precise timetable for his return…

A day after Maddon said Julio Teheran simply wasn’t ready after COVID-19 caused him to miss much of summer camp, he said they still plan to keep starting him every fifth game. “I have a lot of faith in him as a professional,” Maddon said. “I’ve seen him. This guy really competes, and he really cares. I believe he’ll get together with Mickey (Callaway) and figure some things out. This is a high-end guy right here, so let’s stay with it.”