Kalyan Banerjee May Get Expelled From TMC Soon, Claims BJP MP Arjun Singh On Tussle Between Abhishek Banerjee And Serampore MP

Sourav Bandyopadhyay, Chandannagar: He left the Trinamool (TMC) long ago. But this time BJP MP Arjun Singh was seen commenting on the conflict situation between Abhishek Banerjee (Abhishek Banerjee) and Kalyan Banerjee (Kalyan Banerjee). There are personal issues between his complaint, Abhishek and Kalyan. Arjun also claimed that senior leaders like Kalyan are not important in the grassroots now.

Arjun went to Chandannagar in Hughli on Friday. There he opened his mouth about the internal conflict of the grassroots. In his words, “I have been grassroots for a while. As far as I know, there are personal problems between Kalyan Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee. Kalyan is a senior leader. They are not getting importance in the team now. On the contrary, all the young Turks who are involved in cattle smuggling and coal smuggling are being targeted. “

Although the grassroots leadership is playing a cautious role in the conflict situation. The party’s secretary general Perth Chatterjee has warned the welfare and initiation camp. He has instructed not to tarnish the image of the party by throwing mud in public. Even after that, Kalyan has been seen to be active in explaining the difference in the spine. He explained his differences with the Abhishek followers in the verses of Srijata’s poetry.

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From Saugat Roy, Kunal Ghosh, Aparupa Poddar, one by one, many have openly expressed their support for Abhishek. Kunal and Aparupa have also attacked Kalyan in vulgar language. Even Kalyan, the ‘enemy of the house’, should resign from the post of Chief Whip. One step further, Abhishek’s brother Akash Bandyopadhyay has claimed on Facebook that ‘Srirampur wants a new MP’.

In the midst of all this, if Kalyan has been telling from the beginning that he considers only one person as a leader. He has no one above Mamata Banerjee. As long as Mamata is there, she will stay, said Kalyan. But the position of the party’s top leadership with him is still unclear.

In such a situation, Arjun claims that Kalyan may be expelled from the party very soon. The BJP MP from Barrackpore said, “The welfare of the party is no longer appreciated. He is in despair. He may even be expelled from the team soon. “