Kalyan Banerjee Says The Difference Between Him And Others In TMC Is Of The Spine

Kolkata: There was an order to be restrained before the situation escalated. It was thought that the war would end. But the internal conflict within the Trinamool Congress (TMC) has been growing over Abhishek Banerjee’s remarks. This time, Kalyan Banerjee, an MP from Srirampur, openly stated his differences with the rest of the party. He claims that the difference is only in the spine.

As time goes on, more and more Abhishek supporters are trying to suppress Kalyan. Arambagh MP Aprupa Poddar has publicly ridiculed him as a ‘domestic enemy’. Kunal Ghosh was also seen explaining the place to him. In such a situation, Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee was seen coming under damage control on Friday. He instructed them to refrain from throwing mud in public and in public.

But within a few hours, Kalyan practically exploded on Facebook. The two special stanzas of Shrijat’s poem ‘Tafat’ are, ‘People come from people, increase the crowd of opposition; We human beings, you human beings are the only difference in the spine ‘- Kalyan highlighted on his Facebook account.

Kalyan did not mention anyone else’s name under the poem except courtesy of Shrijat. However, in the political arena, the welfare is actually targeting the speculators, Kunal, Aparupa and the grassroots abhishekpanthis. Again, according to a section of the political circles, he has put the interests of the party first. But a section of the grassroots is targeting him to please the upper house. That is why Kalyan has been active in explaining the difference in the spine.

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The matter of pre-voting in the remaining four centers in Corona is pending in the court. While the opposition is demanding the withdrawal of the vote, the state government and the Election Commission are practically shifting the blame on each other. In such a situation, Abhishek recently said that he is in favor of keeping all political and religious programs closed for two months. But it is entirely his ‘personal opinion.’ With this comment of Abhishek, the tug of war started. Kalyan said Abhishek’s tone was similar to that of the BJP by asking for a halt to the polls, which was contrary to the decision of the party and leader Mamata Banerjee. Because the state has to face the question in the High Court about the matter.

If Abhishek can express his ‘personal opinion’ publicly from a high position in the team, then he will not back down this time, said Kalyan. He added that organizationally, one can have a high position. But he does not consider anyone as a leader except Mamata. For the last two days, the grassroots leadership has been throwing sneers and sneers at each other. On this day, Perth instructed everyone to be restrained. But it is clear from the welfare post that the problem will not be solved so easily.