Kashi Vishwanath Makeover What Are The Changes Done To The Temple Know Before PM Modi Visit

Sanchayan Mitra, Varanasi: Kashi’s appearance was different before. Even the devotees who came to visit Kashi Vishwanath had to line up through these narrow ghats for hours before entering the temple (Kashi Vishwanath)! But now the temple courtyard has changed radically. Now the temple can be seen directly from the ghat. At present the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor is being constructed directly above the Ganges.

Now you can see the top of Kashi Bishwanath temple from Ganga ghat. Until then, the peak could not be seen from outside the temple. But now the way it has been made, the peak of Kashi Vishwanath can be seen from the Ganges ghat. The old Kashi Bishwanath temple had an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters. After the reconstruction which has increased almost 25 times!

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At present, the government has acquired the main temple as well as several houses and temples in the vicinity. Now if you step on the cough, it will feel as if the rajsuya yajna is going on! The identity of the huge Karmayajna that surrounds the temple can be found at the back. Among the shops that were demolished for the reconstruction of Kashi Bishwanath Temple was Nandalal Keshari’s cosmetics shop! Which broke down three years ago. He also received financial help from the government. Now there is a new shop in front of the temple.

Janardhan Giri shop next door. However, his shop was not demolished. The walls of the new temple have been touched by his shop. A number of houses and shops have been demolished for the reconstruction of Kashi Bishwanath. Not only that, several temples have also been removed and later re-established. So much has changed in the temple precincts! Those who have visited Kashi Bishwanath before, now those devotees will be surprised when they enter the temple! The whole temple seems to have been changed in the opening. The Kashi Bishwanath Temple has been completely redesigned.

Earlier, there was no way to enter the Kashi Bishwanath temple from the banks of the Ganges. The devotees had to bathe in the Ganges and enter the temple through the narrow alleys with the Ganges water. But now you can enter the temple directly from Lalita Ghat.

There is a temple of mother Annapurna in the premises of Kashi Bishwanath temple. It is said that if you worship here, the devotee will never be short of food! Shiva himself was pleased with him. There is another small idol next to Goddess Annapurna. It is said that this was smuggled abroad 8-10 years ago. Then it was brought from abroad and re-established.