Kate Garraway's husband still in hospital with days to Christmas

Kate Garraway has reflected on the ‘missed moments’ of 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic while her husband Derek Draper remains in the hospital.

Former political lobbyist Draper, 53, was placed in an induced coma after being hospitalized with coronavirus, and Garraway has often spoken about how much she and their children Darcey and Billy miss him.

The Good Morning Britain star will host the show’s 1 Million Minutes Awards as the campaign marks its fifth anniversary urging viewers to devote their time and volunteer to help others.

She said, “There are so many missed moments, aren’t there? The first was not our chocolate Easter egg hunt that my mother organizes every year.

‘All the children go around and the adults give directions. It’s been a huge tradition and that was the first event we missed that really hit the mark.

“Then there was my birthday and then Billy’s birthday and Derek’s birthday… all those moments. Try to get the best out of it with Zoom and FaceTime.

“My two god daughters both gave birth to babies and I missed the first birthday, I missed baptism, I just didn’t see them because I couldn’t do that. I think I’ll cherish all of that when we start getting it back.

“Billy also missed all of his year-end events in Year 6, along with others in Year 6, which are special because they mark them leaving primary school and going to high school.

“It was such a shame not to be able to say goodbye or share those last moments with his teachers and friends.

“But so many people miss such cherished moments, it really breaks your heart thinking about it.”

Garraway said her co-host Ben Shephard has been a tower of strength for her throughout the challenging year, adding, “He was at the end of the phone trying to do everything he could to help.

“To be serious, it has put enormous pressure on him.

“Working with someone you care about and worry about, plus also trying to do the job, it’s a huge thing and I’m very grateful he was there and I’m aware of how difficult it is for him been … great, you’ll make me cry now. “

Shephard added, “There is not a day that I don’t think about her and what is happening that day and if there is anything I can do today to help her.

‘There is not a moment when I with her work that tarnishes that admiration.

“Kate is so brilliant and professional and we have fun so that sometimes you forget the relentless journey they are on at the moment.

“We all want to know what the outcome will be and that’s the hard part: not knowing.

“It’s so, so difficult and her eternal optimism and positivity is something we can all look at. It’s something that I also use to inspire me.

“I will no doubt be more optimistic and positive in 2021 because of my friendship with Kate and how much I admire her.”

The GMB presenters will virtually host the 1 Million Minutes Awards on December 17th.

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