Keeler: The Avalanche and Nuggets get to finish what they started? Hallelujah!

We made it to Memorial Day with our sanity intact. Mostly. The New York Jets just threw a barrel full of money at the stationary bolster that used to be Joe Flacco, the surest sign that things are getting back to normal.

“That’s the story of life. It’s always a question of when,” Bill Walton, the Sage College basketball analyst and former NBA major, tortured by phone from his home in San Diego. “It’s like when you swing your bike through a beautiful place. You have to force yourself to ask the question,” Why am I trying to go so fast? Then I won’t be here. “

“Don’t forget to enjoy every breath during the climb. The long climb to the top.”

This climb was a doozy. We are not out of the forest yet, but we can just see a clearing in the distance. And behind that a beam of light.

They come back.

The Avalanche. The Nuggets. The Rapids probably. The Rockies, hopefully.

I mean, yes, Sunday looks like it’s bringing rain to the barbecue. And yes, you are still trying to figure out how to put a Kölsch through a fabric mask.

But they come back. Pour one out, kids.

A Stanley Cup playoff formula with 24 teams reportedly got a thumbs up from the NHLPA late on Friday evening. A day earlier, former CU Buffs guarded Spencer Dinwiddie out-Wojed de Woj by tweeting that actual, genuine NBA games – believed to be at Walt Disney World and / or another campus hub – are expected to resume on July 15.

Hello, Summer League on steroids!

“The hope we all have is that we are on the other side of where we are now with COVID-19,” continued Walton. “That we are better after all the challenges that are exposed, all the challenges that are exposed and that have surfaced here, front and center.

“Colorado is a place that is a paradise for thinkers. In it, what you can imagine, what you can dream, can easily become reality.”

We dreamed that the Avs and Nuggs will have the chance – somehow – to finish what they started. We just wonder how social distance should work in a victory parade.

“I’m a Nuggets fan, yes,” said Walton, 67 years old. “Coach (Michael) Malone is excellent. And I like some of their players.

“There is (Nikola) Jokic. There’s a guy named (Jamal) Murray on the team, that’s another guy I like to see.

“I like creative violations. And I love everything about competitive sports, but especially the creative offenses, because that’s what wins. That’s what championships win. “

Yes but …

Everyone plays defense. Some do better than others. ‘

Fair enough. Better pass big man: you or Joker?

“He’s so much fun to watch,” said Walton. “And I just love his imagination.

“And I love that he sees things that few people do. And I have great admiration and respect. And I enjoy watching Nikola Jokic play when I see him play.

“I was privileged to meet him a year or so ago. He just puts a smile on my face and a warm glow in my heart. ‘

He will have to bask in that warm glow from afar, just like the rest of us. Rather than hosting playoff games, the Pepsi Center is home to the state’s largest free coronavirus testing site.

This is not how we put it.

But they come back.

“We are responsible for creating our own life, our own world, our own pleasure,” said Walton. “The NBA, the Conference of Champions (Pac-12), this is already the party on top of the mountain.

This is like climbing one of those 14K peaks in Colorado. But that does not just happen. Climbing a 14er, which is built on a foundation. Playing in the NBA, participating in the Denver Nuggets, participating in the Conference of Champions, that’s the top. And that’s all based on foundations now, our foundations. We must gradually go back and rebuild our foundations.

“Our foundation is built on our health. We have done our work for us. We are the Conference of Champions. We’ll be fine. We will survive. We are living. ‘

Don’t forget to enjoy every breath. And pass the mustard on.


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