Kickin’ It with Kiz: Broncos QB Drew Lock reminds us a little of Baker Mayfield. Which could be really good. Or very bad.

Even with small sample size of five NFL starts, I’m more hyped for Drew Lock’s future than any Broncos quarterback since John Elway. It feels good to have some momentum going. Hope it keeps moving in the right direction.

K.S., hoss of hype

Kiz: Before we put Lock in the same class as Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson, can we give him a chance to prove he’s better than Kirk Cousins or Sam Darnold, two players Elway considered as the answer to Denver’s prayers before Lock arrived in our dusty old cowtown?

Ceiling for Lock: Baker Mayfield, 2018. Floor: Baker Mayfield 2019.

Jay, hedging bets

Kiz: As you might recall, the staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters was lukewarm on Mayfield when he entered the NFL. After Mayfield won seven games as a rookie, we over-reacted and jumped on the hype train, riding blissfully along until it hurdled off the tracks. Baker and Drew both speak, dance and throw with the swagger we like in a quarterback. The big question: Will a cocksure smirk turn into a snarl when the inevitable interceptions and losses begin to pile up for a young QB?

When I watched this kid play in preseason against Seattle, Lock had so many bad snaps, but what he did with them impressed me so much. I knew then Lock was going to be special. I don’t know if he will be a top 10 NFL quarterback in 2020. But in the next few years? Yes.

Tracy, native of Ireland

Kiz: Hey, we all have high hopes for Lock. But if he plays better football in 2020 than rival AFC West quarterbacks Derek Carr and Justin Herbert, wouldn’t that qualify as a successful season?

I was profoundly moved by your column on Colorado native Jennifer Kupcho and golf during the time of COVID-19. I’ve tired of hearing professional athletes whining about lost income and professing it’s not fair to regular Americans to have sports events postponed. I wonder how strongly regular Americans who can’t pay their rent or buy groceries are longing for ballgames.

Linda, bigger fish to fry

Kiz: My mediating services aren’t cheap. But I would be happy to end the financial bickering between major-league players and franchise owners, at a generously reduced rate of $250,000 (for the good of game and America). My plan: 62 regular-season games in 2020. Full pro-rated salaries for players. Seven-inning double-headers once a week. Sixteen playoff teams. Play ball!

And today’s parting shot takes offense to any suggestion Colorado State’s new football stadium is a great white whale … or a $220 million folly … or wedged into campus like a square peg in a round hole.

On the one hand, I’m thrilled The Post deigned to write an article about CSU football. It’s a unique experience for us peons in northern Colorado. On the other hand … keep your (crummy) opinions to yourself in the future. How you could have any idea what we’re up to way up here in Fort Collins is beyond me, Kiz. I seriously doubt you’ve been north of Thornton in a decade.

Linda, proud Rams alum

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