Kickin’ It with Kiz: Broncos’ signing of Melvin Gordon was very good news — for the Raiders.

As a Raiders fan living in Broncos Country, I was very happy to see Denver sign running back Melvin Gordon. Take money away from other team needs and limit Phillip Lindsay’s carries? I’m all for it. That’s great GM’ing as far at the Raiders are concerned.

– Art, sticking needle in

Kiz: Although not very smart, the staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters is loyal to a fault. So put us down as big believers in Lindsay, with serious doubts the money for Gordon was well spent. Let the Phil vs. Mel debate begin. There can be only one No. 1 back. Pick a side, Broncos Country.

I’d suggest Hogs if the NFL team in Washington changes its nickname. But won’t the “woke” crowd demand the word “Washington” be dropped, as well?

– John, Colorado native

Kiz: To appease folks who like the way things used to be, perhaps Washington could call its hapless team the Generals. Has that name been used?

One might ask why Nuggets center Nikola Jokic was not more careful about the coronavirus?

– Robert, safety first

Kiz: Jokic is 25 years young, and this pandemic has developed a reputation as a scourge only old folks need to worry about.  Whether your idea of fun is hanging out at Daytona Beach or in Belgrade, Serbia, the coronavirus is often viewed as somebody else’s problem until it hits home. In that regard, is Joker really much different than the governor of Florida?

Reading your column on the Colorado Peaches and 89-year-old Maggie McCloskey’s sweet swing moved me almost to tears. Good stuff. Not only your writing, but being able to see what really matters about sports. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, my wife had been unable to do her daily 800-meter swim in the local pool until recently. And I miss playing goalie in my pick-up hockey league. So thanks for letting me know “the athlete in everyone” continues to be alive and well, especially where many people wouldn’t expect it.

– Rosco, Whitewater

Kiz: When I grow up, I want to be just like McCloskey.

Kiz, I have enjoyed your columns in The Post for many years. Back when I lived in Texas, I read Blackie Sherrod. Although I had zero interest in baseball or basketball, I read all Blackie’s columns because he was such an excellent writer. Same with you. I appreciate your brutal honesty about the powers that be, especially John Elway and various Broncos quarterbacks that have come and gone. The vitriol your columns elicit just demonstrates what a great writer you are. If you stunk, no one would attack you.

– Dinah, Aurora

Kiz: Every brickbat a fan throws at me smells as sweet as a rose.

And today’s parting shot offers reassurance we will indeed see everyone from the CU Buffs to the Alabama Crimson Tide on the field in September, despite my fear SEC Country regards wearing a mask as a sign of weakness until it’s too late to save this college football season.

Don’t worry about the coronavirus, Kiz. It’s just going to disappear … er, I hope.

– Paul, Philadelphia