Kickin’ It with Kiz: How the Nuggets took Jerami for granted and got burned in NBA free agency

So the Nuggets went from trading for Jrue Holiday and re-signing Jerami Grant to getting 29-year-old point guard Facundo Campazzo in the space of a week. I have no idea what the Nuggets plan is.

Wolfy, looking for answers

Girl: Be honest, Bot. Basketball operations president Tim Connelly and the Nuggets messed up. They trusted Jerami Grant would come back. Their big mistake? Take Jerami for granted. The Nuggets gave too many minutes he earned to old and weary Paul Millsap last season, hoping to re-sign Grant for significantly less than the crazy $ 20 million salary Detroit offered. There are only two ways to show a player’s love in the NBA: game time and money. The Nuggets didn’t offer Grant either until he had one foot out the door.

The NBA should have six to eight teams and that’s it. The national media only mentions teams on both coasts. They are the only teams with a viable chance of winning a title, as superstars don’t go to mid-range teams.

– Bodacious J, the truth in power

Girl: Denver could not understand the outrageous price Milwaukee paid for Holiday in commerce, and subsequently seriously underestimated Grant’s value in the open market. It seems to me that in 2020 the Nuggets will need remedial lessons on the price of poker. Hey, I feel your pain. I went from envisioning the league’s best starting grid in Denver to the JaMychal Green era. Maybe I’m suffering from emotional whiplash. Does anyone have the name of a good chiropractor?

While the coronavirus has hit all NFL teams, the Broncos are in a state of complete disarray. Problem # 1: Ownership / management issues of the Bowling kids and John Elway. Problem # 2: Coach Vic Fangio and quarterback Drew Lock’s lack of leadership. It is a mess. The solution? New Franchise Property. Money is of the utmost importance to Bowling’s heirs, so let them sell out and let’s start a new era.

– Frank, lifelong fan

Girl: All I want for Christmas is a group led by Peyton Manning to take over ownership of the Broncos.

The Buffs and Rams not playing football this weekend is a slap in the face of Colorado.

– Greg, stabbed and painful

Girl: During this pandemic, we have been told that all these healthy young men want a chance to compete. But if the Rams and Buffs share an open date in November, can’t they get together to play checkers, Call of Duty or charades? What gives? Was anyone afraid of losing?

Kiz, stay tuned for cruddy football teams. You’re out of your element with the Nuggets.

– RM, Cypress, Calif.

Girl: Hmm, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. Dan Issel told me the same thing when I was a cub reporter to the Nuggets beat way back in 1984.

And today’s farewell shot is from a much-loved old movie who didn’t always appreciate my advice on the Nuggets, but recently reached out to let me know he agreed with my belief that our local hoops team should be aggressive in the pursuit of a championship.

Excellent article, Mark.

George Karl, 1,175 NBA wins