Kickin’ It with Kiz: Should Broncomaniacs organize protest against banning fans from stadium for season-opener?

We should swarm Empower Field at Mile High on the night of the Broncos’ season-opener and surround the stadium in an orange-and-blue protest against not allowing fans in stadium. If we watch game on our phones, we would also know when to cheer!

— Chris, bleeds orange

Kiz: After spending a week at NBA bubble, I’m here to tell you there’s no hiding the drop in intensity when playing games without fans. And the stadium atmosphere is a more integral part of football than any American sport. It sure would be nice if Broncomaniacs could scream at Tennessee. But know why we can’t have nice things? We the people in these Divided States of America have refused to take this pandemic seriously until the virus takes all our nice things away.

While fighting to play football during a pandemic, college players, their parents and coaches fail to communicate awareness they aren’t the only ones whose dreams have been interrupted by COVID-19. If football is more important to them than education and health, then structural change in sport is needed.

— Patrick, Western star

Kiz: I’ve long advocated big change in the relationship between college football teams and the universities they represent. My modest proposal: Pay players on a five-year contract, with opt out after three years. And make class attendance optional. With a push for football on campus with no students, maybe it’s time we acknowledge how little college football actually has to do with the rest of university life.

Being arrogant, controlling jerks might have something to do with the recent social media tiff between former Nuggets coach George Karl and current ESPN broadcaster Mark Jackson.

— Mark from California

Kiz:  How did this tiff get started? After Jackson mentioned during during a playoff game that Carmelo Anthony’s defensive shortcomings were in part the responsibility of coaches who didn’t demand more of him, Karl, took great offense. “Remind me, how many all-star teams did you coach, Mark?” Karl fired back on Twitter. “How many defensive players of the year? How many (NBA) Finals appearances?”  Wow, that escalated quickly. Just a guess, but maybe these two gents still have issues from the 2013 playoff series between Golden State and Denver, when Karl strongly suggested Andre Iguodala acted as a mole on behalf of the Warriors, then coached by Jackson.

I would never let anyone stick a six-inch cotton swab up my nostril. Why? Because I think they are placing a radio frequency identification chip into my body.

— Mike, Castle Rock

Kiz: It’s all a matter of perspective, my friend. Is your glass empty? Or your nose half full? Should your conspiracy theory on COVID tests prove correct, I figure I will not only get peace of mind but also a way for my dog Fred to find me the next time I get lost.

And today’s parting shot is a snark bite. Ouch.

Maybe it’s not actually veteran forward Paul Millsap out there on the court for the Nuggets but rather veteran singer Ronnie Millsap.

— Lee, daydreaming ’bout night things