Kickin’ It with Kiz: The one thing that could’ve prevented Avs from losing Game 7 to Dallas

The Avs lost to Dallas because they couldn’t hold three separate one-goal leads in Game 7. The talent is there. This team is going to be good. Colorado couldn’t deal with bad injury luck and mental hurdles.

— Evan, sorry party’s over

Kiz: While there are 50 ways to lose a playoff series, there’s one variable I can’t get out of my head. Let’s say every other thing, including the injuries to Philipp Grubauer and Gabe Landeskog, goes down precisely the same way during this series. Now, let’s make a single change: Play Game 7 in Pepsi Center instead of the NHL bubble, and I’ve got to believe you (the fans) could’ve made the difference between victory and defeat. It’s just one more reason 2020 stinks.

Broncos linebacker Todd Davis being cut shouldn’t be a surprise. They targeted LSU linebacker Patrick Queen in the draft. Even after that didn’t work out, Denver didn’t see Davis as a starter.

— J-man, saw it coming

Kiz:  Think maybe coach Vic Fangio didn’t like Chris Harris Jr. and Davis as much as many fans in Broncos Country? Who’s the next to go?

The Rockies are total garbage.

— Jonny, pouring hot sauce

Kiz: Well, my prediction this team would make the playoffs isn’t looking so hot. The Rockies have bullpen issues. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So maybe Colorado should schedule more of those 7-inning doubleheaders that seem to be all the rage this season. It would allow manager Bud Black to eliminate the middle man, and maybe even the set-up man.

Hey, Kiz. When are the Rockies going to blow up this trash and start over, the way San Diego and Houston did? They need to trade everyone for draft picks. That is the only way they can compete. There is no way the Rockies will ever beat the Dodgers in the next few years with Colorado’s lousy farm system. Oh, and the team also needs a new general manager that knows baseball, unlike Jeff Bridich.

— Ben, turning the page

Kiz: Well, blowing it up would have to start with trading third baseman Nolan Arenado. There’s the first tough decision this team will have to make over the winter. In the meantime, the always-helpful staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters has a suggestion that could reduce the short-term pain for a reeling ballclub. Couldn’t the Rockies just take losses to the Dodgers remotely, via Zoom, rather than enduring the hassle of flying all the way to Los Angeles and back?

Has anyone seen Nuggets forward Paul Millsap?

— Bill, genuinely concerned

Kiz: Think Millsap might be on vacation in Croatia, a country still welcoming American tourists. I hear the Adriatic Sea is beautiful this time of year. But don’t take my word on it. Millsap’s whereabouts might be nothing more than a rumor, as is his defense.

And today’s parting shot is a coping mechanism proven safe and effective any time that anything goes wrong for a Denver sports team.

The Avalanche’s heartbreaking loss in Game 7 is your fault, Kiz. I haven’t processed things enough to know why. But it’s definitely your fault.

— Patrick, Denver