Kickin’ It with Kiz: Will Avalanche stand there and take Jamie Benn’s tough-guy act without a fight?

Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn is the new Bill Romanowski.

— Kris, Dallas

Kiz: Playoff hockey is not polite, one of the reasons fans love it so. During the course of a seven-game series, animosity between teams often grows because the bruises don’t have time to heal. The Stars have tried to knock Colorado off its game. There’s nothing wrong with that. Benn seems intent on establishing himself as an intimidating Enemy No. 1, in the way Romo did back in the day for the Broncos. Have some of Benn’s shots crossed the line? I say yes. He appeared to target the knee of Avs defenseman Erik Johnson early in the series and shoved captain Gabe Landeskog in the back after the conclusion of Colorado’s victory in Game 3. Fighting tends to decrease in the playoffs, but would anyone be surprised if Landeskog and Benn drop the gloves before this series is over?

The NHL being transparent about injuries is the last square to fill out my 2020 Bingo card. I don’t think I’ll win.

— Rick, Chicago

Kiz: While the Dallas Mavericks announce a knee injury will shelve Kristaps Porzingis for the remainder of their opening-round series against the Clippers, the Avalanche feels compelled to act as if injuries to Philipp Grubauer or Joonas Donskoi are matters of national security, with little more than hints provided by coach Jared Bednar as to the specifics of their ailments. Could somebody inform NHL commissioner Gary Bettman that straightforward honesty about injuries in the playoffs is a sign of league integrity?

Get a grip, Mark. For the love of God. We have evil in this world. It’s going to always exists. Life isn’t fair and we don’t need some overpaid, entitled NBA and Major League Baseball athletes controlling the narrative. If you really think refusing to play is going to change things, you’re nuts.

— Reece, Wray

Kiz: Evil does exist. The staffers here at Kickin’ It Headquarters are crazy enough to think we should fight evil rather than let it all be. Kudos to Rockies shortstop Trevor Story for standing up and speaking out. Will fans that believe athletes should shut up and play stop cheering for Story? Hope not. I’m with Trevor.

Why do you even write about sports any more, Kiz?

— Rigs, Dillon, Texas

Kiz: Is that a suggestion that I stick to societal issues? Or perhaps stick to writing about home renovation? I bet Drew and Jonathan would quake in their work boots if I started a blog called “Property Kiz.”

And today’s parting shot is a compliment, humbly accepted and much appreciated.

During my youth, I was fortunate to wake up every morning and read the sports columns by Shirley Povich in The Washington Post, and it is still a privilege to read Tom Boswell on baseball. I want to say your column about athletes speaking out was one of the greatest pieces of writing ever, worthy of being up there with the great Povich. Although I am a Washington Nationals fan, your columns are what keep me a Denver Post subscriber. Keep it up.

— Jeff, Louisville