Kickin’ It with Kiz: Would you rather own the Broncos or be president of the United States?

Kiz, you might want to pass some marketing advice on to Broncos heir Beth Bowlen Wallace. If I was planning to sell a 1988 Chevy Nova, I don’t think for the past three years it would be a shame to publicly suggest this is the way to go.
– Danny, sales advisor

GirlIn a crazy real estate market in Denver, the Broncos are a $ 3 billion fixer-upper in need of tender loving care. Who would want to take on such a big challenge? Let’s see. Donald Trump was a real estate genius before taking up residence in the White House. Or so the story goes. Trump dates back to his time with Herschel Walker and the New Jersey Generals and has always wanted an NFL team. Maybe Bowling Wallace should call him. Think about it. Would you rather own the Broncos or be president?

Shut up, Kiz. Don’t even dare to bring into the universe the thought that Trump owns the Broncos!
– Andy, Thornton

Girl: No worries. The staff here at Kickin ‘It Headquarters only have children we love. Everyone knows that Broncos Country keeps the owner of our local NFL team to a much higher standard than the president of this United States.

Kendall Hinton had only completed one more pass against New Orleans than I did and I didn’t even play.
– Carnac, knows everything

Girl: I’m guessing 20 years from now, an official NFL game ball will look pretty cute when it’s on the shelf in Hinton’s house. Maybe you can frame an excerpt from this newspaper article and ask if he wants to trade.

The Rockies make it very difficult to be a fan. They let catcher Tony Wolters go for peanuts by Major League Baseball standards. This team has a lot of dead weight that could have been reduced. Wolters is arguably the most loved player on the team. Hate, hate, hate this decision.
Brian, dawg enthusiast

GirlWhile his game-winning single against the Cubs in the 2018 playoffs is one of the most goosebumps in franchise history, Wolters struggled to bear his weight as a batter. So I understand why the Rockies considered it expendable. But fans often ask, who are the good guys at sports? So allow me a goodbye tip from Wolters, one of the most ruthlessly positive athletes I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over 37 years of sports coverage in Colorado.

This fan wants killers, not good guys. So, while the Rockies are remaking their team, I say good to Wolters and David (vulnerable as a) Dahl.
AM, Denver

GirlWell, in his infinite wisdom, Jeff Bridich has kept Ian Desmond, one of the worst acquisitions by a general manager with a bad habit of flushing money down the sink. Desi is back! We all know what that means: more rally-sniffing groundouts with runners in scoring position!

And today’s goodbye is a gentle reminder of a dummy me, with my public school education, cannot possibly understand the complex, delicate operations a Harvard man performs on a Major League roster.

Only a brain surgeon could understand these Bridich movements, Kiz.
– Nash, snarkmeister