Killer found dead in his cell was facing 38-year sentence for murdering his wife

A “controlling and possessive” man who murdered his wife after they had been arguing about coronavirus has died in jail in an apparent suicide.

28-year-old Joshua Fury had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of his wife, Maria Pew Fury, and was expected to receive a 38-year prison sentence due to the “inhumane manner in which he killed his wife … and due to the violent nature of the murder,”

Fury was found unresponsive in his cell in Hennepin County Jail during a routine check on Saturday evening, according to a sheriff’s office report.

Deputies and paramedics attempted to revive him but they were unsuccessful.

Fury had admitted in court that on April 30 this year he grabbed his wife’s neck as they argued and choked her until he “heard it snap.”

While she was in his words “death breathing” Fury then put a plastic bag over her head and sealed it with duct tape – an autopsy report concluded that Maria suffocated to death as a result,

In a grim detail of the case, Fury then tried to fake his wife’s disappearance – sticking up “missing” posters around Maple Grove, Minnesota with the same tape he had used to kill her.

Killer found dead in his cell was facing 38-year sentence for murdering his wife

But investigators heard from Maria’s family and friends that Fury was “possessive” and that she had said she intended to leave him.

Maria’s parents, Lissa Weimelt and Bill Pew, described Fury as “controlling” and said that the two married after an intense and fast moving relationship.

Police decided to search the house. Sniffer dogs detected the presence of a human body in the house and a search revealed Maria’s body wrapped in plastic and buried in a basement crawlspace.

Killer found dead in his cell was facing 38-year sentence for murdering his wife

He mother added that lockdown only intensified the tension between the couple and they home was “not a safe place to be,’ adding “It further isolated her.”

“The things I am faulting myself for now. Run, my God, Run! Why didn’t I say that?” she told NBC News.

“We know that the coronavirus is a pandemic, but so is domestic violence.”

Speaking of her plan to raise money for a domestic abuse charity in her daughter’s memory, she said ”We’re just parents with a broken heart, but we can do something and we are going to stop domestic violence.”

The sheriff’s office says it is looking into the circumstances of Fury’s death which will also be reviewed by the Department of Corrections.


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