Kim Jong-un back as he appears for first time in three weeks at nuclear meeting

Kim Jong-un was photographed for the first time in three weeks because he continues to do few public appearances due to concerns about the corona virus.

It was rumored that the North Korean leader was seriously ill or even dead last month after missing an important anniversary event.

But he reappeared in a fertilizer factory and is now pictured chairing a meeting on the country’s nuclear capabilities.

The meeting of the powerful Central Military Commission of the ruling Workers’ Party marked Kim’s first public appearance in three weeks

State media KCNA said on Sunday that the military meeting to discuss new policies to strengthen the country’s nuclear capabilities amid stalled talks of denuclearization with the United States.

He made an unusually small number of outings in the past two months due to concerns about the corona virus.

North Korea has imposed strict anti-coronavirus measures, although it says it has no confirmed cases.

And photos of the event seem to show attendees relatively close to each other – not two feet apart based on social distance guidelines widely adopted elsewhere in the world.

Speculation had broken out about Kim’s well-being after the despot missed an annual birthday celebration for his late grandfather – Kim Il-sung, the country’s founder – on April 15.

Taiwan National Security Bureau (NSB) director general Chiu Kuo-cheng reported last week that the leader was “sick” and contingency plans had been drawn up should he die.

Kim Jong-un back as he appears for first time in three weeks at nuclear meeting

US-led negotiations aimed at decommissioning North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs have made little progress since the end of last year, especially after a global fight against the corona virus began.

At the meeting, measures were discussed to strengthen the armed forces and “reliably manage the sustained major or minor threats to the hostile forces,” KCNA said.

“At the meeting, new policies were outlined to further increase the deterrence of the country by the nuclear war and sharpen strategic forces,” it said.

“During the meeting, crucial measures were taken to significantly increase the firepower of the artillery pieces.”


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