Kim Jong-un discusses 'increasing military firepower' to ready for nuclear war

Kim Jon-un has put North Korea on ‘high alert’ and has spoken of ‘significantly increasing firepower’ of the country’s military, after reappearing after his last disappearance.

The supreme leader of North Korea has only made two trips in the past two months amid rumors that he has been ill after a failed heart surgery.

North Korea’s intelligence agency, the National Intelligence Committee, claimed that reports of its ill health were “groundless” and claimed that it had been kept out of the public eye because of coronavirus problems.

Since May 1, state media has been telling stories about the controversial leader, but he has not been seen in public.

Now he is on screen at a conference of the Central Military Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, where he has taken steps to prepare his country for a possible nuclear war.

At the meeting, measures were discussed to strengthen the armed forces and “reliably manage the sustained major or minor threats to the hostile forces,” KCNA said.

“At the meeting, new policies were outlined to further increase the deterrence of the country by the nuclear war and sharpen strategic forces,” it said.

“During the meeting, crucial measures were taken to significantly increase the firepower of the artillery pieces.”

Kim Jong-un discusses 'increasing military firepower' 
to ready for nuclear war

After his fist disappeared, rumors circulated that the eccentric communist leader had died after a failed heart operation.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the tyrant Kim Jong-un may be dead and that a double body-in can be used to cheat the world.

Kim Jong-un discusses 'increasing military firepower' 
to ready for nuclear war

According to the theories, a stand-in is used because it is dead, sick or recovering from plastic surgery.

Photos of Jong-un appeared earlier this month, reportedly his first public appearance since rumors began.

He looked in good health on a state-published photo over the weekend and cut the ribbon on a new fertilizer factory near Pyongyang.

But now eagle viewers have taken a closer look at the footage and are convinced it’s a spooky lookalike.


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