Kim Jong-un 'displayed uncle's head' after ordering his execution, Trump claims

North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un displayed his uncle’s decapitated head after executing him, US President Donald Trump has claimed.

According to Trump in a new book, Kim ordered his firing squad to kill General Gang Song-thaek before displaying his head for all to see.

He boasted to journalist Bob Woodward the secretive North Korean leader “tells [him] everything” during a series of on the record interviews, the Mirror reports.

In the Washington Post associate editor’s new book Rage, Trump claimed Kim described how he murdered his uncle in a “graphic account”.

The general’s aides were then executed using anti-aircraft guns, while his family is also understood to have been killed under Kim’s orders.

Earlier reports suggested Kim had his uncle stripped naked before feeding him to dogs.

He then displayed his uncle’s head after his execution.

In the new book Trump appears to lift the lid on the relationship between two of the world’s most controversial leaders.

In a letter shown the journalist, Trump asked Kim: “Do you ever do anything other than send rockets up to the air?

“Let’s go to a movie together. Let’s go play a round of golf.”

Kim Jong-un 'displayed uncle's head' after ordering his execution, Trump claims

The two world leaders’ first meeting at the Singapore Summit in June 2018 marked the first time a serving US president had met with a North Korean leader.

Trump showed Woodward, famous for his role in uncovering the Watergate scandal, letters from Kim in which he described the president as “your excellency” and recalled the time they held hands.

In one note, the North Korean despot told Trump he was “pleased to have formed good ties” with the businessman-turned-politician following their historic first meeting in June 2018.

“I feel pleased to have formed good ties with such a powerful and preeminent statesman as Your Excellency,” Kim wrote.

Trump recently tweeted to claim that Kim is in “good health” amid speculation the dictator is actually in a coma.

Rumours the North Korean leader is seriously unwell were further fuelled after some of his power was transferred to his little sister.